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For the bobblehead in Fallout 76, see Bobblehead: Intelligence.
For all other Vault Boy bobbleheads that appear in the Fallout series, see Vault-Tec bobblehead.
It takes the smartest individuals to realize there's always more to learn.

Bobblehead - Intelligence is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3. It permanently improves the Lone Wanderer's Intelligence by 1, up to a maximum of 10.


It can be found in the Rivet City science lab on the far right of the three tables (the one next to the two lockers) next to the machinery in the lab (Dr. Madison Li is usually near it).

Point LookoutEdit

A false bobblehead, called a Schmault-Tec bubblehead, can also be found in the add-on Point Lookout near the Mother Punga plant. It will be much larger than a real bobblehead and shows the inscription 'Tsk tsk, you just walked into another trap, how stupid are you?' once picked up. Any swamplurks in the area will then attack the Lone Wanderer.


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