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Bobbi No-Nose is a corrupt mobster living in Goodneighbor in 2287. She initially is found inside her hideout.


A self-proclaimed "legitimate" businesswoman operating out of Goodneighbor, every place Bobbi sets up shop in soon becomes her base of operations.[1] She, while her influence is small, is a highly ambitious woman, not like the chem dealers and petty thieves in town. Recently, No-Nose is preparing to pull off a large heist in Mayor Hancock's strongroom in the NH&M Freight Depot to the southwest. She has a long history of trouble with the ghoul and aims to get back him by breaking into his property and stealing anything of value.[2]

Through a spy she planted within the raider gang in the Massachusetts State House, Bobbi managed to acquire an accurate map of the Boston underground, created by a city official before the Great War.[3] To recruit diggers for her project, the Big Dig, and further her vendetta against Hancock, Bobbi passes it on as a scheme to get revenge on Mayor McDonough for banishing her kind from Diamond City. The target is supposedly a secret strongroom located directly beneath the mayor's office, which Bobbi claims is home to a huge stash, containing thousands of caps, a large cache of weapons and other valuable loot. She promises her staff caps and a share of the spoils when the job is done.

For months, work is slow and the project has barely progressed. In fact, the miners are soon driven off by mirelurks by the time the Survivor arrives, having accepted Bobbi's job. This in turn makes them her new gun. To help expedite the excavation, she has them get her old tech expert, Mel, from the Diamond City lockup to assist preparations by whatever means the Sole Survivor sees fit.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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  • After completion of the quest, player character interaction with Bobbi ceases. Once the player character or Bobbi leaves the shared cell, she is disabled. Upon enabling, her route is directed back to the first place one meets her, and Mel follows her. When she is at her destination, she stands in place and is unable to be spoken to by the player character. Leaving the shared cell will always disable her, because she is scripted to be disabled after completion of the quest.
  • If the player character leaves after talking to her when John Hancock sends them to kill her, they will lose the location of her hideout: Hawthorne Estate. If one needs to find it, it is just south of Andrew station. The station is between Gwinnett Brewery and the South Boston military checkpoint, an area a bit west of The Castle.
  • Bobbi's level scales with the player character and has an abnormally high amount of health (on par with Coursers or Conrad Kellogg), but has zero armor.


Bobbi appears only in Fallout 4.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone Will become hostile immediately after paying your share, attacking both you and Mel. Mel still cannot die, but Bobbi can be killed. This will be triggered if you are wearing equipment with the targeting HUD perk when you enter the Stronghold. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox OneIcon xboxone Although she is a ghoul, she is attacked by feral ghouls during The Big Dig side quest.[verified]
    • PCIcon pc In the console, use setstage FFGoodNeighbor07 90 to bypass this bug.
  • PCIcon pc Despite choosing to kill Bobbi at the NH&M Freight Depot during The Big Dig side quest, her corpse can still be found at the Hawthorne Estate a few in-game days later.[verified]



  1. Fallout 4 loading screens "Bobbi No-Nose is a small-time operator with big-time plans. Every place she sets up shop inevitably turns into a base of operations."
  2. Bobbi's place terminal entries - " Hancock had a word with me today. Said he was worried about me hiring up. That he suspects I'm up to something. I told him I'm always up to something. Told him to get out until he has news for me. I am so sick of Hancock and his dumb smug mug. The second anybody else gets any power around these parts, he comes in and squashes it. He thinks everyone who has the privilege of living in this dump owes him everything. He's wrong. He owes me for the time I wasted here. I'm gonna be somebody. I'll show him."
  3. Bobbi's place terminal entries - "Jackpot. I finally got my hands on a map of underground Boston! I know planting one of my men at the Mass State House would pay off. As expected, the Raiders there weren't hard to work. Those idiots can't even read! They kidnapped some luckless scavenger to read through what they find, looking for some big treasure in there. The fools don't know the importance of what they are holding! That's the problem with Raiders. They think too small."
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