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Prepare for high rollers and higher stakes when Fallout 76 embarks players on an all-new Expedition to Atlantic City – coming soon for all players! With so many ways to play, you too can answer the call of 76.fallout.bethesda.net (archived)
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Boardwalk Paradise, also known as Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise, is the seventeenth major update for Fallout 76. It was the first wave, or part one, of the Expeditions: Atlantic City update series, alongside America's Playground. Boardwalk Paradise was released on December 5, 2023. It was preceded by Once in a Blue Moon and followed by America's Playground.[1][2][3]

Boardwalk Paradise introduced the new location of Atlantic City in the second Expedition for the game.[4] Boardwalk Paradise implemented two new Expedition missions, as well as content for new players in Appalachia.



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Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Ashley Ortega Dialogue 0072FCBE 0072FCC0 Settler's Ridge
Dicer Dialogue 0072FCBF 0072FCC1 The Coop
Initiate Gaines Dialogue 007316AA 007316AA Forward Station Tango
Jeremiah Hopkins Dialogue 006C1CF6 006C1CF8 Whitespring Refuge
Johnny Bills Dialogue 0072CB00 0073268B Blue Ridge Bunkhouse
June Seaver Dialogue 00717DFB 00717DFD Gilman lumber mill
Lane Platte Dialogue 006FD088 006FD08A Gilman lumber mill
Marty No 006FA17F 006FA19D Settler's Ridge

Atlantic City[]

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Billy Beltbuckles Dialogue 006BCA70 006BCA71 Casino Quarter
Quentino's Night Club
Buttercup Dialogue 006DD921 006DD92A Quentino's Night Club
Civilian escortee Dialogue ???????? ???????? Aquarium of the Atlantic
Juchi Batsuuri Dialogue 006B2362 006B2364 Atlantic City Boardwalk
Jullian Batsuuri Dialogue 006B2363 006B2365 Atlantic City Boardwalk
Mother Charlotte Dialogue 006B2940 006B2946 Aquarium of the Atlantic
Sal 'Sticky Fingers' Dialogue 006C35C5 006C3604 The Neapolitan Casino
Veracio Cruz Dialogue 006B2331 006B233C Atlantic City Boardwalk
Aquarium of the Atlantic
Walter No 006DB939 006DB93C Quentino's Night Club

Creatures and enemies[]

  • Competitor
    • Competitor blazer
    • Competitor crusher
    • Competitor demolisher
    • Competitor devistator
    • Competitor hulker
    • Competitor ranger
    • Competitor sharpshooter
    • Competitor slinger
    • Competitor slogger
    • Competitor stunner
  • Jersey Devil
  • Municipal auditor
    • Municipal auditor assaulter
    • Municipal auditor blaster
    • Municipal auditor bludgeoner
    • Municipal auditor bomber
    • Municipal auditor boomer
    • Municipal auditor clipper
    • Municipal auditor detonator
    • Municipal auditor punisher
    • Municipal auditor rapier
    • Municipal auditor torcher
    • Audit leader
  • Overgrown
  • Showmen
    • Showman butcher
    • Showman duker
    • Showman grandstander
    • Showman grinder
    • Showman pelter
    • Showman ringer
    • Showman scatterer
    • Showman toaster
    • Showman trouper
    • Showman tyrant



Armor and clothing[]


Plans and recipes[]


Miscellaneous items[]


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Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A distraction XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteADistraction 0073C3B6
Text A life without Keith NPE_POIRaider_KeithDeath1 00739AEC
Text Advance payment XPD_AC01_Note_DeanCarlsenAdvancePayment 0073C3B9
Text An offer XPD_AC01_Note_AnOffer 0073C3B4
Text Apology note XPD_AC01_ApologyNote 006D00A2
Text Blood case XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteBloodCase 0073C3B7
Text Camouflaged bastard XPDAC02_AquariumNote05 006DE688
Text Come back soon AC_MQ_IngramMansionRenovations_Note 006C20BA
Text Comrades in arms NPE_ComradesInArms_Note 0073DBE5
Text Concerta Lombardi XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteConcerta 0073C3BD
Text Dean Carlsen XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteDeanCarlsen 0073C3B8
Text Do You Want to Feel Alive? XPD_AC02_Note_FeelAlive 00748F49
Text Doomed NPE_POIRaider_KeithDeath2 00739AED
Text Forgive me XPD_AC03_DrunkNote01 006CDC2B
Text Front desk note XPD_AC01_Note_FrontDeskNote 0073C3BC
Text Gene's invoice XPD_AC01_LetterToBilly 006D00A6
Text Geologist's note NPE_OrganCave_Note_GeologistNote 0073E3C7
Text Imposter! AC_MQ02_Stage_Imposter 00729C0E
Text Interrogation report XPD_AC01_Note_Names 0073C3BB
Text Kit Ryder XPD_AC01_Note_HeistNoteKitRyder 0073C3BE
Text Letter to Billy XPD_AC01_LetterToBilly 006D00A6
Text The lone vulture XPD_AC02_Note_LoneVulture 00748F4C
Text Letter to Charlotte XPD_AC01_LetterToCharlotte 006D00A7
Text Missing funds XPD_AC01_Note_MissingFunds 0073A9A6
Text The Mouse and the Bull The Most Sensational Game XPD_AC02_Note_MouseAndBull 00748F4D
Text My babies XPDAC02_RooftopNote01 006E8435
Text Nathan Broadhurst's autobiogrophy NPE_NoteNathanRedSox 0072BC30
Text Necessary repairs XPD_AC01_NecessaryRepairs 006D00A4
Text North wing implosion XPDAC02_AquariumNote04 006DE687
Text Not enough AC_MQ02_Stage_NotEnough 00729C0C
Text Old coot XPDAC02_SniperNote01 006E1C43
Text One last bet XPD_AC02_Note_OneLastBet 00ASTBET
Text Out of order XPD_AC01_OutofOrder 006D00A3
Text Power consumption report XPDAC01_Note_PowerConsumptionReport 0073C3C0
Text Quartermaster's report NPE_QuartermastersReport_Note 0073DBE3
Text Ryder journal page XPD_AC01_Note_RyderJournalPage 0073C3B5
Text Scatterbrained AC_SQ05_BillyNoteToConcerta 006FCFBB
Text Setting up camp NPE_BoSNote 0072B570
Text Showmen approved acts XPDAC01_Note_ApprovedActs 0073C3BF
Text Still trapped XPDAC02_AquariumNote02 006DE685
Text Thank you for your order! XPD_AC01_Note_Haberdashery 0073A9A7
Text Supreme Gourmet XPDAC02_CastVote01 006DE1D9
Text The strategy NPE_TheStrategy_Note 0073DBE4
Text Tim's letter XPD_AC01_TimsLetter 006D00A5
Text To Addie NPE_ToAddie_Note 0073DBE2
Text To Sal XPD_AC01_FromConcertaToSal 006D00A1
Text Trapped XPDAC02_AquariumNote0 006DE686
Text The Ultimate Challenge XPD_AC02_Note_UltimateChallenge 00748F4B
Text Unaccounted blood XPD_AC01_Note_UnaccountedBlood 0073C3BA
Text Vitality jelly XPDAC02_JellyNote01 006DE1D8
Text Worry XPDAC02_AquariumNote03 006DE684
Text Your mission NPE_YourMission_Note 0073DBE6


Terminal entries[]


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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
FO76 Exp taxevasion Tax Evasion Casino Quarter, Atlantic City Billy Beltbuckles XPD_AC01_Mission_Tax 006BAA3D
FO76 Exp mostsensationalgame The Most Sensational Game Atlantic City Boardwalk, Atlantic City Veracio Cruz XPD_AC02_Mission_Sensation 006B231C


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
FO76 Better Tomorrow quest A Better Tomorrow Gilman lumber mill Lane Platte NPE_DQ01_BetterTomorrow 006FD072


Achievement Description Achievement points / Gamerscore Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
America's Playground Lead and complete "Tax Evasion" and "The Most Sensational Game" 30 Gamerscore Bronze America's Playground trophy America's Playground Xbox achievement
Rip and Tear Kill 10 Lesser Devils with a melee weapon 30 Gamerscore Bronze Rip and Tear trophy Rip and Tear Xbox achievement
The House Always Wins Build 5 casino games in your CAMP 30 Gamerscore Bronze FO76AC The House Always Wins trophy FO76AC The House Always Wins Xbox achievement
Community Service Lead and complete "The Human Condition" 30 Gamerscore Bronze Community Service Xbox achievement
Devil's Bargain Complete "Sins of the Father" 30 Gamerscore Bronze Devil's Bargain Xbox achievement
Weed Killer Kill 100 Overgrown with fire 30 Gamerscore Bronze Weed Killer Xbox achievement



External links[]


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    Bringing new locations, new factions, new creatures, new missions, and new rewards. Plus, a flush casino to test your Luck."