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BoS archive: ARP background is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape is found in Fort Defiance, in the bedroom next to the kitchen on the fourth floor, next to Mission 099-01 orders.


Hailey Takano: Is the connection good?

Grant McNamara: Yeah. I'm reading you.

Hailey Nakano: Excellent. I'm transmitting the program now. We'll send it multiple times.The static is playing hell with data integrity. We've wracked our brains over here and we've come across a solution for where you can use this program. Vault-Tec University. Can you get there? Who? That's not important. If the facility is still operational they have a fully Automated Research Lab. It's perfect. No. We don't. Keep transmitting any viable DNA sample you get of these... Scorchbeasts. We'll help as long as we can. But if we go dark, that lab can give you the information you need. Our preliminary research... Well, it's a possible mass extinction event if the threat isn't contained.

Grant McNamara: Three copies should be enough to deal with any corruption. VTU? Shit. That's in the heart of Responder territory. Do you have any other options? ...Jesus.

Hailey Takano: Listen, if we don't talk again... Know that our thoughts are with you, Grant.

Grant McNamara: Thanks. Appalachia out.