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The Blue Ridge Caravan Company is a powerful merchant company operating on the East Coast, and a major faction in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update. It has been expanded in subsequent updates, providing additional information and lore about the region.


Blue Ridge's history is closely tied to Joanna Mayfield's family, which shipped cargo across Appalachia for at least three generations, primarily along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Inheriting the company from her grandfather around 2073, Mayfield continued the tradition, managing a fleet of eighteen wheeled trucks across Appalachian highways and beyond. The Great War forced a change in operation, but did not manage to destroy the company. Switching trucks for hardy brahmin, Mayfield founded the Blue Ridge Caravan Company to once again connect the world together. Over the next 25 years, she built it up into a large merchant company with operations across the East Coast,[3] primarily the Blue Ridge Parkway,[1] though some merchants come from as far away as Kentucky.[4]

Mayfield relied a great deal on her pre-War associates in the process, the most important of whom is Vinny Costa.[5] With ties to pre-War organized crime[6] and a group of reliable men at his disposal, Mayfield made sure to keep him from being tempted to fall back into old, bad habits after the War, earning his loyalty.[2] He credits her exceptional management skills for the company's success.[7]

Other members of Blue Ridge company were recruited in the course of expanding operations, incluing the aforementioned Kentucky trappers[4] and Minerva, who originally apprenticed with a book seller working for Blue Ridge. Many come to regard their fellow employees not just as business partners, but family, always looking out for each other.[8]

Steel Reign[]

FO76 steelreign chronicsonictonic 05

Paladin Rahmani and Mayfield meet for the first time, as the Brotherhood investigates the disappearances apparently tied to Blue Ridge.

In 2103, after the Scorched Plague was finally contained by Vault 76 dwellers and humans started to return to Appalachia, Blue Ridge expanded as well.[3] Vinny Costa set up a base camp at the eastern end of the Big Bend Tunnel, steadily carving a path into western Appalachia and establish trade routes.[9] Though plagued by Blood Eagles and considered one of the most dangerous routes operated by Blue Ridge, it is at the same time the safest option to get past the Allegheny Mountains.[10] Overland travel is not just slow, but leaves the caravans much more exposed than crossing the train tunnel.[11]

While the expansion was successful and Blue Ridge managed to secure both ends of the tunnel, making inroads into Appalachia and even set up checkpoints throughout the tunnel, it wasn't without its problems. Blood Eagles constantly attacked the tunnel, targeting the checkpoints and caravans crossing through. However, the biggest problem came with a string of mysterious disappearances from among Blue Ridge clients, tied to the Harpers Ferry tunnel route used by the company to safely transport people across the Blue Ridge and the Potomac into Appalachia.[12] The company shut down and sealed up the tunnels after the disappearances.[13] Mayfield tried to keep the situation under wraps, to avoid spooking the culprit or tarnishing the Blue Ridge name.[14]

The secrecy attracted the attention of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force under Paladin Leila Rahmani. The Paladin attempted to contact Blue Ridge repeatedly in the hopes of trading supplies, but was ignored every time. When Art Knapp arrived at Fort Atlas and the new Initiates turned up an apparently incriminating letter, Rahmani decided to investigate more deeply.[15] While trying to investigate the matter incognito, Rahmani was immediately made by Mayfield, who decided to meet the Brotherhood leader in person. Blue Ridge's own investigation of their records showed a clear pattern of disappearances, but nothing that would tie them in common. The meeting between Rahmani and Mayfield was strained, due to the former suspecting the latter of human trafficking and the latter suspecting the former of trying to interfere with Blue Ridge for their own benefit.[16]

They settled on a joint investigation of the last lost caravan, in the Harpers Ferry rail tunnel formerly used as one of Blue Ridge's caravan routes. Aries assisted the Rahmani and the Vault 76 dwellers,[17] though his behavior almost convinced the Paladin that Blue Ridge ws responsible for the disappearances.[18] Ultimately however, the group found the caravan stop and uncovered evidence identifying Edgar Blackburn and the Hellcat Company as parties responsible for the mass kidnapping, clearing Blue Ridge's name.[19]

While Mayfield remained wary of the Brotherhood, she was satisfied with the outcome and remained in Appalachia.[20] Much of her disdain stemmed from her pride in what Blue Ridge achieved and what she and her caravaneers build up - and unwiligness to simply let a paramilitary outfit claim a slice of the pie and dictate what her caravan company can and can't do.[21]

Once in a Blue Moon[]

FO76OB Middle Mountain Pitstop 05

The Middle Mountain Pitstop, the next expansion of Blue Ridge after setting up at Big Bend.

The company's operations grew in 2104, with Blue Ridge establishing a pit stop at the abandoned Middle Mountain Cabins. Now called the Middle Mountain Pitstop, it was set up to act as a major stopover point for caravans and travelers. They also made contact with the new Responders under Rucker, adding to their already impressive network of contacts in Appalachia.[22]


Blue Ridge may shift from expanding to strengthening its position, as the constant expansion has spread the company out and it's starting to weaken. Mayfield has decided to put a stop to further expansion, and focus on putting roots down, in Appalachia in particular. Survey reports by Vinny Costa suggested this might be the best course, as there's nothing in the north due to the proximity of The Pitt and unspecified "burned bridges" closer to the coast, while the infrastructure of the national parks to the south has attracted a lot of danger, rendering it unprofitable. Finally, the Ohio River is impassable due to the Cult of the Mothman blocking the Silver Bridge, and there's a lack of reliable routes through The Mire and over the Potomac, limiting the company's options.[23]


The caravan company is owned by Joanna Mayfield,[1] with Vinny Costa as her head of operations.[2] The company employs a permanent cadre of caravan guards, who protect merchants contracting with the company for protection in exchange for a generous commission. Every merchant operates their own supply chains and the related overhead, with Blue Ridge responsible for transporting goods and protecting the merchants,[24] enabling Blue Ridge to offer a broad range of goods, including arms and ammunition, blueprints and schematics, furs, furniture, water, and more.[2] Guards and merchants usually operate in pairs, with additional hands and guards hired as needed.[25]

FO76OB Carver Timmerman feat Aries

Employed guards (left) usually wear company attire, branded with its blue-and red colors and a patch with the logo on the chest plate. Merchants (right) are free to dress as they see fit.

Guards and merchants are paired as needed, though most merchants have their preferred guards with whom they develop rapport,[26] and bond together.[27] Blue Ridge is considered by some to be more than business partners, even family,[8] and Mayfield's care to ensure fair division of labor and adequate rest is vital.[2] However, at the end of the day it remains a business relationship and if circumstances change, Vinny Costa won't hesitate to raise the prices for caravan protection services. Free agents are typically disadvantaged,[28] since they usually don't provide potential openings for onboarding additional merchants or opening up markets.[2] Caravan guards are also expected to purchase their supplies from within the Blue Ridge network, with reprimands and roster shakeups being the usual response if one deals with outside parties.[29]

This manner of organization has paid dividends: By 2104, Blue Ridge operates across a large part of the former eastern United States. While it primarily does business along the Blue Ridge Parkway, it has merchants from as far west as Kentucky,[4] and at least one pair - Minerva and Tommy Ten-Toes - traveled as far south as Chattanooga in former Tennessee.[30]

The operation in Appalachia around Big Bend Tunnel is just the latest expansion, significantly shortening the distance across the Allegheny Mountains by directly bridging Ash Heap and Cranberry Bog. It is of special importance, as Mayfield switched to the slower, but ultimately most resilient brahmin due to the rapidly deteriorating state of the roads and the nuclear engines powering the vehicles.[31] As a result, the bovines receive absolute priority, thanks to their ability to carry heavy loads unhindered over long distances.[32]

Interactions with the player character[]

FO76WL Blue Ridge Caravan Co

The vectorized logo used in quest animations. There are minor differences with the logo on the flag and equipment, such as bigger stroke outlines and an uneven name tag.

Introduced in Wastelanders, Blue Ridge Caravan Company plays an important role in the Steel Reign storyline and has been expanded several times in subsequent updates, introducing new characters, events, unique items, and broadening the scope of the world.

Apart from named members, numerous generic guards, merchants, and ranch hands appear at Blue Ridge locations. All are coded to be friendly to the players and invulnerable to their attacks.








Other employees




The Blue Ridge Caravan Company appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update. It was expanded upon in the Steel Reign, Once in a Blue Moon, Skyline Valley and Milepost Zero updates.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Much of the content for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company was created by quest designer Carl McKevitt.[Non-game 1] Its design process started with the creation of Riding Shotgun, which originally featured simple "caravan guards." These guards were fleshed out into a mini-faction and their dialogue was expanded to avoid repetition during the event, which eventually led to the creation of Blue Ridge and its characters.[Non-game 2]
  • The Blue Ridge Caravan Company's name was decided based on several factors: Appalachia's location within the Blue Ridge Mountains, the mention of the mountain range in "Take Me Home, Country Roads," Carl's affinity for the color blue, and as a parallel to the similarly-named Crimson Caravan Company.[Non-game 2]



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