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The Blue Ridge Caravan Company is a faction in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Formerly a trucking operation moving freight across the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Blue Ridge Caravan Company was taken over by Joanna Mayfield from her grandfather around 2073, switching from trucks to brahmin after the bombs fell.[1] Continuing to operate as an efficient and powerful transport company, the Blue Ridge Caravan Company specializes in the transfer of goods all across the region. As of 2103, their operations have begun to expand into Appalachia.[1] They trade to any and all groups that want it, including the Settlers and Raiders. Most Raiders recognize them as essential to their survival, and Blue Ridge caravaneers are some of the only outsiders allowed in the Crater.

Though their headquarters are based outside Appalachia, Joanna is planning a visit to the Appalachia detachment in the near future, though a date has yet to be determined.[2] Little is known about their operations outside of Appalachia, though they claim to have made the Parkway one of the safest routes in the wasteland, and have been employed by clients from as distant as Kentucky.[3] Specifically, the caravan company deals in arms, ammunition, furs, furniture, canned goods, and water.[4] Meanwhile the Big Bend Tunnel is considered one of their most dangerous routes, though safer than risking the overland route through the Savage Divide.[5][6]

Caravans operate in pairs of two people; one guard, one merchant. These pairs are assigned based on whoever is available, though it will usually be the same partners every time. The merchants are considered clients, bringing their own goods, while the guards are considered employees.[4] However, the brahmin are considered the most important part of the caravan shipment, with the entire shipment depending on their safety.[7]

Often utilizing the Big Bend Tunnel for quick travel between the Ash Heap and Cranberry Bog, they have recently become targets of the Blood Eagles, who want to stop the flow of travel across their territory.[8]

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Members of the group serve as traders and caravaneers, and will never be hostile to the player character.

Notable membersEdit


The Blue Ridge Caravan Company appears only in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.



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