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Night Stalkers are amongst the most fearsome beasts you'll ever face. They're also hard to find, but I know of a nest at a cave near Bitter Springs.Red Lucy

The bloodborne cave is a location east of the Brotherhood of Steel safehouse and northwest of Bitter Springs in 2281.


Known for the red-hued sandstone rocks flanking it, the cave lies in a sandstone range similar to Red Rock Canyon, and has many dangerous packs of wildlife surrounding the entrance. A large number of night stalkers, including the legendary night stalker, reside in the cave. It has a single interior section.

There is a campfire near the end of the cave, in the room with the legendary night stalker. Here the Courier can find a key. This key opens a Very Hard locked gate on the north side of the cave. Behind the locked door lies a significant amount of loot. Right beyond the gate is an easy-to-miss trip wire which triggers three grenade bouquets. This trap can be deadly, as the grenades drop in a tight corridor.

Past the campfire are several skeletons, often accompanied by loot including weapons and ammunition. The mushrooms on the ground may conceal the loot.

Notable loot

  • There are an amount of caps (several thousand) along with four $100 NCR, 15 $20 NCR, 64 $5 NCR dollars, five Legion Denarius and two Legion Aureus in an Average locked trunk which is behind a Very Hard locked gate. The cap amount varies and is influenced by level and the Fortune Finder perk. A tripwire is located behind the gate, setting off rigged explosives.
  • A 12.7mm SMG in poor condition can be found behind the same Very Hard locked gate.
  • Key - On one of the campfire's cinder blocks. This key will unlock the aforementioned Very Hard locked gate, however, it won't unlock the trunk.
  • Pile of night stalker eggs - Quest item for Bleed Me Dry.


After three days, if the legendary night stalker is killed, up to 13 other night stalkers will re-spawn (3 x 100% chance, 6 x 75% chance, 4 x 50% chance, first random encounter). After another four days, if three night stalkers are killed (those having 100% chance of re-spawning), six cazadores will spawn (100% chance, second and last random encounter).


The bloodborne cave appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 After killing the legendary night stalker the Courier might be immediately teleported at the entrance of the cave.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Sometimes, whenever a weapon is picked up, it may not appear in the player's inventory until they leaves the area.[verified]