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The Blood Eagle code is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the One Wasteland For All update.


  • Dagger's Den - On a crate in a shack.
  • Metal Dome - On a metal end table on the second level of a hut, on a shelf underneath some bottles of alcohol.


The Blood Eagle Code

Blood Eagles are loyal only to themselves and other Blood Eagles, in that order. Vaulters, Settlers and Raiders either join us or die.

A Blood Eagle's power is short-lived if they don't stay hungry. Only the strongest survive and rise to the top, only to be cut down by an usurper or mutineer. And so the cycle continues.

Torture is the course of action when a member falls out of line, or sometimes just for fun. A true Blood Eagle has an unrivaled thirst for blood. It seems the apocalypse has had a detrimental effect on our collective sanity.

Honor means nothing. Survival means everything. Death is the answer.