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Blood Bank is a Brotherhood of Steel repeatable quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Brotherhood of Steel repeatable quest: Blood Bank
Talk to Senior Scribe Neriah.
Bring a viable blood sample to Senior Scribe Neriah.
Reward: 50 caps
Neriah received 20 samples.
Reward: 6 X-111 compound

Detailed walkthrough

After asking Scribe Neriah for work, she will tell the Sole Survivor that she needs blood samples from the Commonwealth creatures for her research projects. The Sole Survivor is then tasked to collect viable blood samples from creatures and deliver it to Senior Scribe Neriah at the Prydwen. She will pay the Sole Survivor 50 caps per sample and she will be able to produce 6 X-111 compounds every 20 samples she is brought.

Quest stages

20 Secure viable blood samples for Scribe Neriah.


  • Viable blood samples can be collected from various feral ghouls, mole rats, mirelurks, bloodbugs, deathclaws, feral dogs and super mutants.
  • No matter how many blood samples are given, this objective will never be removed from the Pip-Boy. To fix this, use the console to type SetObjectiveCompleted 001b2b08 20 1. This will not disable the quest; the player character can continue to secure blood samples.
  • If Ad Victoriam is failed yet the player character remains in the Brotherhood of Steel's good graces, Neriah will no longer open dialogue with the player character, although she will be cordial. The quest will remain in the Pip-Boy log but the Sole Survivor will be unable to turn in any samples.