• Werewolfhell


    September 13, 2009 by Werewolfhell

    If you've been here long enough,then you will have heard of Fallout ELeventy.

    Well,in case you didnt know it's becoming a mod now and there is a wikia for it Here,if you wish to help or submit an idea,go here.

    The second Eleventy mod is the almighty Left 4 Dead Eleventy,which will seriously test your sanity.

    The Third game in the Eleventy series is The Elder Scrolls Eleventy,which doesnt always get as hard as it's predecessors.

    If you want to help,then visit one of these wikia,either help with the wikia by monitoring or contribute directly to the mod by posting up an idea.Or you can send a voice-clip of your voice if you wish to voice your own (Or another character)


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  • SuSpence95

    On the official PlayStation page for Fallout 3, Broken Steel is listed under Featured Downloads and that this may be a sign for a release this Thursday. Because of this, rumors are currently circulating that the Fallout 3 add-ons will be out this Thursday, September 17th.

    EDIT: Patch 1.61 is now released for PlayStation 3 systems.

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  • Ausir

    New details have surfaced about Bethesda's lawsuit against Interplay over trademark infringement. Or lawsuits, because, as you can see in the court filings, there are two of them.

    The first one, as we described in the previous newspost, is over the rights to Fallout Online (codenamed Project V13). The second one, however, is over Interplay's re-releases of original Fallout games, like the Fallout Trilogy pack or various digital distribution sites.

    Turns out that, while Interplay was permitted to sell Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics the contract required all advertising, packaging and other promotional material to be sent to Bethesda for approval first, which, according to the lawsuit, was never done regarding neither the Fallout Trilogy pack, nor …

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  • Ausir

    Bethesda Softworks has sued Interplay for trademark infringement, claiming that Interplay is in breach of the Fallout MMO agreement for failure to commence full scale development by April 4, 2009 and to secure certain funding for the game. Interplay disputes these claims and still maintains that it has the right to develop Project V13, together with Bulgaria-based Masthead Studios.

    Meanwhile, Natiq "Defonten" Aghayev, Project V13 concept artist and Fallout fan community member has released another one of his concept sketches done for the game, Which you can see to the right.

    See: Bethesda Softworks LLC v. Interplay Entertainment Corporation court filing

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  • Private martin


    September 6, 2009 by Private martin


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  • LoneMerc101

    In an Interview with Ted Sandill he stated

    "We had really thought that browns and grays were crucial to capturing the very essence of a post-apocalyptic landscape, but after reading many complaints in Kotaku forums about the limited color palette of Fallout 3, we have realized that we were dead fucking wrong," Bethesda's President of Marketing, Ted Sandill, said.

    "We're going to add tons of rainbows, frolicking puppies, playful kittens, and cuddly bunnies to New Vegas. Maybe some majestic unicorns. We will also change the colors of weapons and accessories. Power armor, for example, will now be exclusive mauve. That should really push the color palette to broader horizons and strengthen the impression of total nuclear armageddon," Sandill ad…

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  • Ausir

    A site called The Next Level had a chat with Bethesda's Emil Pagliarulo, lead designer of Fallout 3. Here's an excerpt:

    Emil: Yeah, the whole “Oblivion with Guns” criticism was hurled our way so long ago. But it’s funny, because in order for that to resonate with you, you have to sort of feel that Oblivion isn’t a good game, and “Oblivion with Guns” would be a bad thing. Well… we think Oblivion is a damn good game. And so did millions of people who bought it. And scores of reviewers. So, you know, we started to realize, “Hey, that’s more a compliment than an insult, isn’t it?” So for us, Fallout 3 is “Oblivion with guns” in all the right ways. Meaning, you wander around a huge world, and talk to lots of interesting characters, and get lots o…
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  • Ausir

    The version of Fallout 2 that has recently been made available from Steam turns out to be broken. Well, it is still playable, but only if you know both English and French, since all of the voices and interface are currently in French, while the text is in English. Additionally, regardless of where you are located, if you buy the game from Steam, all the children are missing, as in the UK edition of the game.

    Anyway, if you want to buy a digital copy of Fallout 2 (and Fallout + Fallout Tactics, while we're at it), Good Old Games is a much better choice anyway, given that, unlike the Steam version, it comes fully in English, uncensored and with no DRM. And lower price, at that, especially given the ongoing buy one, get one free promo.

    Update: Looks l…

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  • Sentinel 101

    GOG, also known as Good old Games, is celebrating it's first anniversary with a sale; any two Interplay games in GOG's catalog can be bought for the price of one, including Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.

    "Looking back at the first year, I think we can say it's been a really successful time for us - we've added lots of great publishing partners and amazing games. But we couldn't have achieved any of that success without the fans who support us in so many ways. We decided to say thank you to our fans and run this promo," said GOG Managing Director Adam Oldakowski. "We know there are still a lot of things to improve and a lot of games to be revived, but we're just starting and the future is looking really bright for us."

    For more informati…

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  • Ccbermanzzpedia


    August 30, 2009 by Ccbermanzzpedia

    the wiki im from, uses alot of coding. but then again its another wiki.....-- C2 / CC 23:55, 30 August 2009 (UTC) such as my signature took me quite some time to get it all down

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