• AssassinZ05

    This is what people get when they are loyal to this game and its community. The creator of Map76 has been banned just for testing an exploit in Fallout 76 then reporting it to the developers. If they are going to punish loyal fallout fans then they might as well punish me and anyone else who have been playing fallout for days, months, years, decades, it doesn't matter how long, we are always loyal when we play their games. I just want Bethesda to know that Fallout fans can only take so much of these issues, if they would stop caring about money and start caring about making quality games, then fans may begin trusting them again. I hope that they will start fixing the problems with Fallout 76 with better patches that don't introduce new gli…

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  • NomadicNom

    Fallout Friday Polls are here! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    Today's random trivia thingy: In May 1988, a chemical plant in Henderson, Nevada exploded, killing two and injuring 372, and effectively annihalated the plant in the process. The plant, operated by PEPCON, was used to store oxidizer for solid-fuel rockets; to this day, however, it's not exactly known what caused the initial fires that led to explosions.

    If the names sound familiar, they should: REPCONN test site is based on the facility, both in name and in location, since Henderson is cited as the location of the facility in New Vegas as well.

    Fallout News Stuffs: No news for this week.

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  • Leea

    Do you think "human kindness" is dwindling these days, or is it just me? So many people seem so wrapped up in their lives that they barely notice those around them, and even small kindnesses like opening the door for someone seems to be dwindling. What do you think causes this? Is it technology? Different times? If its different times, I was born in the wrong era, then.

    In 1974, police in Pocatello, Idaho, arrested two women on charges of manufacturing and selling an ersatz "brandy" which was distilled from water, vodka, and urine.


    None! Check back next week!

    Do you think some Old Sayings are ill-fitting for you?

    • Comment and no. Which one(s) fit you, then?
    • Yes. I've been rising early and going to bed early most of my life, and I've never b…

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  • Riftocity

    So, soon enough I'll be running my own campaign for the first time with a party I haven't seen together. I plan on making the adventures into a written series, with each session essentially being a "chapter", and there will be several "acts" to it. I'll take each session I've written and type it up onto the blog for the community to read, thought it'd be a neat idea to read something like that.

    Of course this is all based off of audience response, if nobody enjoys it I'll refrain from posting, but if their is an audience that enjoys this kind of thing, I'll be posting for y'all, and if the response if really good I might throw in some extra flair into the mix and include some extra content that's not necessarily part of the sessions. Just so…

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  • NomadicNom

    Fallout Friday Polls are in! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    Almost forgot it was November when typing in the month category on this poll... Guess I barely noticed Halloween went by. For whatever reason, Halloween didn't seem all that noticeable/over-the-top this year. Perhaps a good thing.

    Fallout Wiki News Stuffs: Distust has resigned from his Bureaucrat role, and Pally has resigned from Admin.

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  • Leea

    There are some old sayings that are totally true (which is how they got to be Old Sayings, because they were true, like "One man's trash is another man's treasure"), but there are some that I - personally - think are not good. "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" is one. I have loved - and some of those I have loved deeply - and have lost those that I loved via some...means, and it was better than if I had never loved them at all, because the loss - while some time ago, either years or months, depending on what or who I loved in particular - still hurts, one way or another. Therefore, I think that while some things got to be Old Sayings, they are not a "one size fits all" situational kind of thing.

    You all v…

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  • Extrinitus

    Welcome back to the seemingly-never-ending delayed release schedules of the News After The Nuke! Today there's some good news and bad news, so let's get straight into the Atom.

    Non-existant cup.

    Fallout 1st: Wait What? - So i don't know anything about Fallout 1st. All i know, based on what i read and heard that it's a monthly subscription service that delivers perks such as: Private Worlds, a Ranger Armor Outfit, a Survival Tent, free Atoms every month (what?), scrapboxes and a icons and emotes pack. To me, it looks very pay-2-win (obviously, duh) and it's really unfair to players who can't afford the service. Looks like their promise about no P2W is now broken several times...

    Fallout 1st Domain Belongs To Somebody Who's... Not From Bethesda …

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  • Paladin117


    October 28, 2019 by Paladin117

    This is something I've been considering for awhile. This is something I've been considering, but the recent changes have accelerated it and Dist's own resignation basically sealed the deal. When I first learned that this whole merge was started at the whims of a single bureaucrat with zero official wiki support (and no, an unadvertised user blog that a few people commented on does not count), I pushed for a vote because of how irregular it all seemed. Since the vote started, I've realized that this 'irregularity' is apparently now par for the course.

    Since its started, I've had multiple people questioning whether policies really need to be followed, been accused of threatening power abuse for mentioning staff recommendations, have had that …

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  • DistustingWastelander

    This is harder than I though it would be. I suppose it is when you leave that you realize how much you've come to love a place. I am resigning, relinquishing all my special rights on Nukapedia. It's been something I've been thinking about for approximately half a year now. First, I lost my spark in light of the Autumn and Laat terrorism, but then that ended, thank Atom (some people say God). Still, all my passion was gone (no thanks the aforementioned terrorism, they did not break me ;-)).

    I've realized there is no point in me staying in a position of power, merely as a way to cling onto memories of the past that are no more. Most of those I used to hang with are gone and I don't care to edit anymore. Really, being a bureaucrat has been not…

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  • Eden2012

    Greetings my precious America! This is your President Eden2016... and it really has been too long. I hope all is well and everyone well... but I have great news.

    I'm sure Fallout 76 has divided our community. You'll be shocked to know that i LOVE it! And starting this coming weekend, I will become a member of Fallout 1st. And i am looking for a few good comrades. We will, only together, rebuild this glorious nation of ours... one brick at a time!!

    PS4 players, let me know!

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