• Extrinitus
    Hello everybody! Welcome back to another issue of the News After The Nuke. More hot news coming out of the oven today. Let's get right in, my dear wastelanders!

    Are your gadgets up-to-date? Tell me below, because consoles get refreshed every 5 years, phones get switched every 1 to 3 years, and computer parts get new things randomly. Introducing...

    ..our new Google Stadia. Will you buy this or not? I don't like cloud-based, i like discs. They have those little special "G.O.T.Y" stickers. I also like keeping them. What do you think?

    Check out Fallout Dallas! A project made by NomadicNom. Check him out here.

    Check out and download Fallout New California here! It's a really big mod.

    Click here to go to Nukapedia's official discord server.

    The Talon Me…

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  • NomadicNom

    Fallout Friday Polls are in! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    Not much Fallout news this week, so here's a few recent images from a couple Fallout projects in the works.

    Development on Project Arroyo (FO2 in FO4) continues along. In today's snapshots, here's some images of the work being done on the Redding mines.

    The mines are a fine example of a location that requires special attention to be remade in 3D - naturally, much of the interior of a mine simply isn't visible in the isometric world of Fallout 2.

    Although these segments of the mines might still be heavily in development, here's kudos to the folks who keep the style looking as authentic as it is.

    just southwest of downtown Dallas.]] with newly-rebuilt terrain.]]

    .]] Some Fall…

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  • Leea

    Too tired to say much of anything. Been too tired for the past few days to do much of anything...

    Nutmeg is a common spice (normally used in cookies and pies) with a wintergreen or spearmint flavor. Watch it on the amount, though: a teaspoon will give you hallucinations (that last for weeks), and two or three teaspoons will kill you. So; warning.

    No news this week, either.

    Only three comments last week. Yikes. =/ Ever done guessing games?

    • Only video games like that (what are they called?) and you love them. At least with a person, you might be able to read on their face what it might be. No doing with a screen...
    • Comment. Hey! You gotta tell me what you meant!
    • You're not into that kind of thing. Eh, to each his own...

    How many hours in a week do you…

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  • NomadicNom

    Fallout Friday Polls are here! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    Happy Independence Day, folks!

    Fallout news has been pretty slow this week, so I'm just gonna borrow Fallout's Twitter joke and repost it here.


    Nukapedia Informational Notice:
    Information on the Discord scenario can still be found here:

    If you were kicked or banned, and have not rejoined the Discord yet, the link to rejoin is here:

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  • Leea

    I just had a guessing game with my dad, where I made acronyms and he had to guess what they were, while I gave him hints. "TBH" (Too Blasted Hot) was one of them. I had a fun time, even though I was in the hot shade and he was cooling off in the pond. But why that was going on like that (me dry and him pleasantly wet) is a whole other poll...

    Crochet thread is made in India. I don't know why the make it there (about 90% of the stuff I've seen is made there), but they make it there.

    No news! Check later!

    What was the best (that you've tasted, that is) ice cream you've had to date?

    • You don't have ice cream, just ice cubes. You on a dumb diet or something? You're only getting older! Go have some ice cream already!
    • Comment. Semi-conventional or one…

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  • Extrinitus
    Welcome back to another deep diving news article called the News After The Nuke. After dump diving in Fallout news and other things, i have finally found news. Let's get right in to it.

    Regarding the Discord attack, more information has been released according to the attack. (Visit this link to look at more information). Do you think President Autumn was the one with the actual intentions? Did you think that CCodyy allegedly tricked President Autumn? Do you think that, he should be perm banned? Leave some comments below!

    Happy Gamer Pride Month! Gamers have risen up to do this one of a kind act. Change your pfp's to yellow (if you want to) to commemorate Gamer's Pride Month. Party!

    Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Gets More Fun! - Fans of Bethesda w…

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  • Tephra

    Fandom Discord

    July 2, 2019 by Tephra

    Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

    This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

    In order to join, you must do the following:

    1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
    2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
    3. Join at
    4. Follow the #verification process on the server

    This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff, users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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  • Extrinitus
    Hello geiger counter gentlemen, my name is Extrinitius, bringing forth information from the before and after. Prepare your pitchforks everyone, today is a lovely day.

    Wiki Discord Gets Hacked! - (This part of the article is not fully proven yet. We do not have the facts yet.) Recent events show that about hacker, allegedly GF or a alt by CCody infiltrated President Autumn's Discord. I have been caught in the hole too. I also got kicked out. Sad. For more information, please go to NomadicNom's blog for more details.

    Pete Hines opens up about what Fallout 76 learnt from Elder Scrolls Online, praising fans who "weren't swayed by people" - Pete Hines opened up about what Fallout 76 learnt from it's unknown brother from the same father, it's Elder…

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  • NomadicNom

    Fallout Friday Polls are in! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    It's scientifically confirmed to be somewhere around four thousand degrees Fahrenheit in Texas right now, so I'll keep with the ice cream theme Leea's on.

    Nukapedia Informational Notice:
    See this post for initial information on the scenario with the Discord going into chaos.

    As an update to that information, I'd like to note that we do not have all the facts at this time, but I'll give a rundown here.

    Last night (in US time zones), the Nukapedia Discord was effectively hijacked by someone (allegedly the user GF, also known as CCody) using President Autumn's account. The result was a mass kick or ban of an extremely large number of users; of the roughly 500 users in the…

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  • Leea

    Inspired by a comment from DyreWolf last week, I'm including a question about (mostly) everyone's favorite: Ice Cream!

    People who advocate eating of insects (mostly crickets) say that they are more nutritious and full of protein than your average steak, and more plentiful and easy to grow. There's even "cricket flour" made from dried and powdered crickets "for use in the home".

    For obvious purposes, I will never be eating bugs. I don't advocate it, either. Disgusting.

    Some players in Nuclear Winter have begun the usual Bethesda complaints up again. This time, it's over Frog Legs, a perk in FO76's Nuclear Winter that allows one to jump 300% higher. Apparently, this perk can be abused to degrees greater than any other perk, and folks have begun…

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