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Legendary Saturday Polls, 284th Edition

My old clock broke and the new one I have is... too loud. My old clock just wouldn't keep time anymore (being about an hour or so off at any given time, then spring forward like nothing happened), and while this one keeps time, the sound of the hands ticking (analog clock, not digital) is almost insufferable. I can hear it now, almost twenty feet away in my room. When I'm in my bed, its even worse. Its a miracle I can even sleep at night.

For those of your who hate "modern art" as much as me:


What do you think of "one color" paintings? Could they have meaning, like artists say they do?

  • Yes, they are full of deep meaning
  • Fuck no, that's nuts
  • I don't really car…

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NomadicNom NomadicNom 3 days ago

Fallout Friday Polls, 216th Edition

Fallout Friday Polls are in! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

Fallout News Stuffs
The Fallout: The Frontier mod has been released. Created over the course of seven years, and with questlines as long as gameplay from New Vegas itself, it's theoretically the largest mod ever made for the game. The Steam download is available here and the Nexus download is available here, both for free.

This Week in History
January 16, 2208 - The Vault Dweller, having left behind their memoirs and vault suit, vanished from Arroyo, never to be heard from again.

This Week's Polls

Questions 1 and 2 were helpfully provided by kdarrow via Discord.

What's the most unique world object you've found while going about the Wasteland?

  • Comment!

Would you try to get o…

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Richie9999 Richie9999 4 days ago

Listening with The Law Episode 37

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Paladin117 Paladin117 5 days ago

Fallout: Seattle Plague characters

This page lists all characters in the incomplete telemovie Fallout: Seattle Plague. Some characters have yet to be named due to laziness the early stage that this was written. (see film treatment)

  • 1 Main characters
  • 2 Major characters
  • 3 Minor characters
  • 4 Behind the scene

Character Background/Appearance Personality/Skills

Lydia Umbra A thief on the run, wanted by the MFR and BoS for murder. Aggressive, Secretive
Tagged skills: Melee Weapons, Sneak, Barter

Asian. Short, brunette hair. Brown eyes. 38 years old.

Benjamin Salk Vault dweller turned Followers doctor, was ex-communicated
for unknown reasons but still trying to cure Seattle's "Green Death." Caring, Logical
Tagged skills: Medicine, Science, Guns

Caucasion. Silver Hair. Blue eyes. 35 years old.

Ethan Ghou…

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Leea Leea 10 days ago

Legendary Saturday Polls, 283rd Edition

I've known people that, when i told this cool story I found on the internet, one would excessively play "Devil's Advocate" in the Non-believer's sense (especially if the story in question was about unknown codes or mysterious dissappearances) and the other person I knew would just kind of grunt like I said "Oh, the weather looks fine" or some other non-interest-peaking subject. It always irked me to no end.


I won't be buying any of these, thanks.

Ever tell stories to someone that you think are cool, but they either aren't interested or downplay your interests?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't share my interests with anyone
  • Sometimes


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NomadicNom NomadicNom 11 days ago

Fallout Friday Polls, 215th Edition

Fallout Friday Polls are here! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

This Week in History
January ?, 2077 - The annexation of Canada is completed. Military units swarm the Alaskan Pipeline, and Canadian protestors and rioters are shot on sight.

This Week's Polls

Question 1 was helpfully provided by sneakarcheress via Discord.

Which group do you think will see the most growth in future Fallout titles?

  • Ghouls
  • Super mutants
  • Synths
  • Sentient deathclaws
  • None of these
  • Other - Comment!

Which game do you think has the best system of SPECIAL/perks/traits/etc?

  • FO1/FO2
  • Another pre-Bethesda game
  • FO3
  • FNV
  • FO4
  • FO76

Do you think traits should be brought back into a Fallout game again?

  • No.
  • Maybe.
  • Yes.
  • Other - Comment!

< Last Week's Polls

Around Nukapedia

  • Nukapedia Twitter: …

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YeetuscCarlen YeetuscCarlen 11 days ago


me new

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Richie9999 Richie9999 11 days ago

Listening with The Law Episode 36

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Kdarrow Kdarrow 12 days ago

Today in the Mojave Wasteland - Mojave C.A.M.P

A tiny, silly blog today. I see so many beautiful C.A.M.P.s in Fallout 76, I figured I would head out into the Mojave Wasteland and see if I couldn't wrangle up some plans and build something fancy out of all the ol' crap that is laying around.

Well, it has been several hours and this is as good as it is gonna get. Not as easy as it looks, just so you know! The face I am making is one of exhaustion and contentment, probably thinking about pepperoni rolls or grape Mentats or Tetanus.

That's all for now. Happy trails!

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Leea Leea 17 days ago

Legendary Saturday Polls, 282nd Edition

Your trivia is links until further notice. Nobody seems to answer polls, anyway.

Hire a professional, please:


Having a hard time reconciling that its 2021 instead of 2020?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sort of
  • Everything just feels the same, anyway

Do you launch your own fireworks or see someone else's instead?

  • My own
  • Someone else's
  • I don't do fireworks at all


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