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Gilpo1 Gilpo1 11 June

Nuclear Winter update

Yesterday Bethesda announced that Nuclear Winter in Fallout 76 will be shut down in an upcoming update this September. Some of the rewards will be moved to Adventure mode while others, such as the Pipboy statues, will remain exclusive. Also, they will be rewarding Nuclear Winter players with perk coins based on how much you played. For full details, check out this week's Inside the Vault.

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Starting today, you can test out Fallout 1st features such as the survival tent and scrapbox until June 16th. Claim these two items in the Atomic Shop.

Tune in to Bethesda's Twitch Channel on Sunday, June 13th at 1pm US Eastern time to catch a preview of what's coming in Fallout 76 and mo…

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Gilpo1 Gilpo1 5 June

Fallout 76 PTS Update, June 4, 2021

Bethesda released an update to the ongoing Public Test Server (PTS) for the upcoming Fallout 76 update Steel Reign. The most notable changes were the removal of unyielding as possible legendary power armor effect as well as eliminating the ability for the Pepper Shaker to drop as explosive. And as promised, they added a stash box to the new APC survival 'tent' skin that was released last week for Fallout 1st subscribers. In the quality of life category, floater grenades are now droppable and sellable.

Many users had issues with the Bethesda launcher crashing during the download. Various fixes included aborting the download and doing a 'scan and repair' or by switching the lauguage preferences in the launcher to another language, aborting the d…

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Agent c Agent c 4 March 2018

Bethesda E3 Conference

Its the Mooooost wonderful time of the year. Well, in June it it will be at least, the Bethesda E3 Showcase is here again. Here’s the announcement trailer.

The Trailer doesn’t tell us much, except perhaps that Bethesda have spent far too much time doing arts and crafts. But some of the figures definitely look fallouty.

The streamline this year is “Creating something special”, which suggests some sort of major announcement, and Bethesda has expanded to 2 Bethesda-branded studios (Rockville and Montreal). We’re not expecting new Fallout (its not our turn), and last year Todd did say there were other large projects they were working on before TES6, and has said that these are “bigger than anything we’ve ever done” and “something different”…

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