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For an overview of bloatfly meat in the Fallout series of games, see bloatfly meat.

The bloatfly slider is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


A bloatfly slider is a food item which provides a moderate amount of health restoration over a relatively short duration. It is also one of a minority of foods which provide more than minimal restoration to both the player's Dehydration and Starvation levels while in Hardcore mode.

Survival Skill effectEdit

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+3 Hit Point for 15s-36 Dehydration , -90 Starvation 
20+4 Hit Point for 15s-42 Dehydration , -105 Starvation 
30+4 Hit Point for 15s-48 Dehydration , -120 Starvation 
40+5 Hit Point for 15s-54 Dehydration , -135 Starvation 
50+6 Hit Point for 15s-60 Dehydration , -150 Starvation 
60+6 Hit Point for 15s-66 Dehydration , -165 Starvation 
70+7 Hit Point for 15s-72 Dehydration , -180 Starvation 
80+7 Hit Point for 15s-78 Dehydration , -195 Starvation 
90+8 Hit Point for 15s-84 Dehydration , -210 Starvation 
100+9 Hit Point for 15s-90 Dehydration , -225 Starvation 
Note: Radiation is not affected by Survival skill level.


This item must be crafted by the player. It is not sold by merchants or found elsewhere in the wasteland.

Creation requirements

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Icon level
Bloatfly slider (1)


  • Bloatfly sliders are one of the first "large healing" food items that the player is likely to craft, owing to the presence of both Bloatflies and prickly pear fruit in the Goodsprings Cemetery, as well as the low skill required to craft.
  • Gametitle-FNV OWB Bloatfly meat can be found on the legendary bloatfly in excess of 50 pieces. Combined with the ability to make prickly pear fruit from Salient Green this consumable can become very plentiful and cost-effective, more so than stimpaks.