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A bloatfly is a common mutated pest resembling an oversized blow-fly, often found in the Capital Wasteland, the Mojave Wasteland, the Commonwealth and Appalachia.




The bloatfly is a giant mutated blowfly. Bloatflies attack at long range by peppering their prey with spine-bedecked larva launched from its abdomen. They tend to attack in groups, and their ability to attack from a distance can make them significantly more dangerous than radroaches.


  • Bloatflies can also be seen as a smaller species found around dead carcasses. It is not known why these did not mutate to a larger size.
  • When killed by the player character at higher levels they will give no experience points, much like the radroach.
  • Research by the Enclave suggests that the bloatfly is a mutation of the tabanus horse fly.


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