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You ever heard of Tiny Lester Lutton? Best jazzy harmonica I ever heard. Mind you, being a Super-Mutant with no lips... don't ask me how he played.

Blind Diode Jefferson is an automated personality in the Big MT in 2281.


Blind Diode Jefferson was forced offline when Dr. Mobius abandoned The Think Tank and left for the Forbidden Zone. Once his personality backup is retrieved from House #108 in Higgs Village, he's found to speak with a slow drawl, similar in style to a stereotypical Deep South Blues musician.

When left alone, he may continue to ramble, spouting mostly-useless advice and anecdotes of by-gone times. When asked if he can play music, he says that he used to before Dr. Mobius took out his music drives - hence exacerbating his feeling of 'the blues'. Mobius used him to change the frequency of sonic emitters.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character is involved in quests.
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This character can modify weapons.

Sonic emitter (frequency)


Effects of player's actions[]

  • If Blind Diode Jefferson is fully upgraded when Old World Blues is completed, the ending slides mention that Jefferson saves Big MT from alleged "sonic Invasion" using frequencies given by the Courier sometime in 2910.


  • If the Courier asks Blind Diode Jefferson to modify a sonic emitter to the frequency it already has, it will be returned to near-full condition.
  • Whether or not Jefferson's alleged actions during a 2910 "sonic invasion" of Big MT actually count as a throw-away gag or official canon is yet to be seen.
  • After completing Old World Blues, he can make a comment saying the Courier will be 'hitting that old lonesome road', alluding to the Lonesome Road add-on.
  • His animations (Music note animation and the bubbles) will stop when you talk to him.
  • The ending slides reveal at some point he has a brief affair with the light switches. However, it ends up short lived as he forgets their names "once too often" and is punished by being left in the dark.

Notable quotes[]


Blind Diode Jefferson appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes[]

This character may be inspired by and named after famous Texas Blues artist Blind Lemon Jefferson, with a diode simply being a component of a jukebox, just like a lemon (bitterness) could be seen to be a component of the blues.