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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bleak.


FFPFSlaveGateIsOpen The gate's open. Run for it! Neutral 50 Now's our chance! Let's go! 1
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I'm getting out of here! 2
GREETING Anger 50 What is it? Can't you see that I'm watching the guards? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 What do you want? Make it quick, you're blocking my view! 4
PFBleakView What are you looking at? Anger 50 I'm watching the patrols, what do you think I'm looking at? 5
Neutral 50 They switch it up a little bit every day, but just a little. There has to be some sort of pattern to it, it's just a matter of watching and waiting. 6


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Come back... please. 7
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Awful... just awful... 8
HELLO Neutral 50 I've got to get out of here... 9
HELLO Neutral 50 Please. Help me. 10
HELLO Neutral 50 Breadbox, listen. I need your help. 11
HELLO Neutral 50 Listen up, old man. I'm going to need your help with something... 12
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Bronson, listen up. Hey! Pay attention! I need your help! 13
HELLO Neutral 50 Bronson... Bronson! Dammit, listen to me. And keep quiet! 14
PFTalkBleakBreadbox1 PFTalkBleakBreadbox1 Neutral 50 Keep your voice down, old man. Listen, if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. Help or shut up. 15
PFTalkBleakBreadbox1 Neutral 50 You you shut up before they hear you? Listen, I don't judge you, if you want to stay here, fine. Whatever. Just stay out of my way. 16
PFTalkBleakBreadbox3 PFTalkBleakBreadbox3 Neutral 50 I don't care, Breadbox. I'm getting out of here. Stay if you want, just keep out of my way, or I'll assume that you're with them. 17
PFTalkBleakBreadbox3 Neutral 50 It doesn't matter. I'm not giving myself the chance to get used to anything I'm leaving. And you'd best stay the hell out of my way. 18
PFTalkBleakBronson1 PFTalkBleakBronson1 Neutral 50 You got the right one this time? Are you serious? Here, let me see. Hand it to me. 19
PFTalkBleakBronson1 Neutral 50 Really? You did? Bronson I could kiss you! Here, hand it to me. Slowly. 20
PFTalkBleakBronson3 PFTalkBleakBronson3 Neutral 50 What the-? Dammit Bronson! This isn't what I asked for! I needed one of the detonators not... whatever this is! 21
PFTalkBleakBronson3 Neutral 50 Bronson! What is this? I didn't ask for this! You were supposed to get me one of the detonators! I don't even know what this is! 22
PFTalkBleakBronson5 PFTalkBleakBronson5 Neutral 50 How many times have we gone over this, Bronson? Can't you stay sober enough to do one little thing? 23
PFTalkBleakBronson5 Neutral 50 I'm starting to feel like I can't trust your drunk ass, Bronson. How many times is it that you've screwed up? 24
PFTalkBleakBronson7 PFTalkBleakBronson7 Neutral 50 I suppose I can do that. Just don't let me down again, Bronson. I need your help. 25
PFTalkBleakBronson7 Neutral 50 Okay, Bronson. One more. 26
PFTalkBreadboxBleak2 PFTalkBreadboxBleak2 Neutral 50 Are you serious? You want to die here? In this place? An old good for nothing slave? I mean come on, there so much more to... 27
PFTalkBreadboxBleak2 Neutral 50 Come on, Breadbox. Do you want to die of old age in a slave pen? Really? Wouldn't you rather... 28
PFTalkBreadboxBleak4 PFTalkBreadboxBleak4 Neutral 50 All right, all right. You know where to find me if you change your mind. 29
PFTalkBreadboxBleak4 Neutral 50 Okay, Breadbox. But if you ever do change your mind, I'd love to help you. 30
PFTalkBronsonBleak2 PFTalkBronsonBleak2 Neutral 50 That deal we made, we're still square, right? You know what you need to do? 31
PFTalkBronsonBleak2 Neutral 50 You remember what I asked you before? The deal we had? Can you do it soon? I'm worried that we're running out of time. 32
PFTalkBronsonBleak4 PFTalkBronsonBleak4 Neutral 50 Good, Bronson. Don't let me down. 33
PFTalkBronsonBleak4 Neutral 50 Alright, Bronson. No screw ups this time, got it? 34
PFTalkHiResponse1 PFTalkHiResponse1 Neutral 50 Not now. Someone will hear. 35
PFTalkHiResponse1 Neutral 50 Not now. They're watching. 36