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Blast Off pajamas are pre-War children's all in one clothing found in Fallout 3. The matching Blast Off helmet can be found in the game files but is not actually used in-game.


It offers no bonuses to the Lone Wanderer and has no real use. It is a child item however if added by console commands or reverse-pickpocketing it will be resized to fit adults. The Pip-Boy icon is that of a Vault 101 jumpsuit.



  • The world model and Pip-Boy icons are that of the Vault 101 jumpsuit.
  • When the player is wearing the pajamas the sleeve will clip into the Pip-Boy, but not such that it is un-navigable.
  • There is no GECK model for the Blast Off helmet.
  • Both the helmet and the pajamas exist in the game files Fallout: New Vegas as legacy content.
  • Do not enslave Bumble if you wish to obtain this unique apparel, as Bumble will disappear from the game permanently.