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I am Blake: a horror and an astonishment. Shuddering the heavens to look upon me. Behold!

Blake was the high priest of the ghoul cult known as the Church of the Lost which worships and protects the Corporate Vault under the city of Los.


Blake was not "ghoulified" by the Great War, but became one after the explosion in the Corporate Vault. He was originally a Vault-Tec security officer for the vault, but he started a battle with the vault scientists when he deemed that their research involving the Forced Evolutionary Virus and radiation was "evil" as it was conducted on living test subjects. This local civil war resulted in the death of Mary's mother and caused a large explosion which trapped the scientists in the vault's garden.

Blake and his officers, along with engineer Giese, were trapped on the surface where they mutated into ghouls, with Blake emerging as their leader. Blake rejected technology, becoming something of a luddite messiah, leading the ghouls to the promised land. His cult became an obstacle for the Brotherhood of Steel, with Blake intending to eradicate technology instead of the Brotherhood's mission to collect it.

Blake is unusually large for a ghoul, reaching a super mutant's height if not their bulk. He wears a hood and some bandages. He speaks in cryptic religious Shakespearean language, many of them altered parts of William Blake's songs and poems. His weapon of choice is a large, spiked, sword-like staff.

The Brotherhood of Steel paladin Rhombus, along with his men, entered Los and stole the vault's main laboratory keycard from the cult. He and his men fought the cult, but lost to them, so he was captured and taken to Los' torture chamber near the docks and was tortured by Blake for the location of the stolen keycard.

Confrontation with the Initiate[]

When the Initiate enters Los, Blake is seen with ghouls and a man who has trespassed into the city. Blake proceeds to murder the man, then tell his ghouls none may enter Los without the permission of the Church of the Lost. He can be heard frequently on the city’s PA system giving sermons to his fellow ghoul fanatics.

Later, the Initiate finds Rhombus being imprisoned by Blake who threatens him about the location of the kecyard. Blake even goes as far as to suggest to Rhombus that their two organizations are not so different, as they are both guarding against the more undesirable elements of technology. When the Initiate meets with the captive paladin, Blake enters and the Initiate is forced to kill Blake in order to free Rhombus.

Interactions with the player character[]

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Blake appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


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