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Gang? We're hardly a gang. But I am the one they all come to for direction.Razor

The Blades are a group of survivalists led by a woman named Razor, living in a pre-War nightclub in the Boneyard north of Adytum.


While a peaceful group, they are persecuted by the Regulators, who both coerce them into doing their bidding and frame them for crimes against the people of Adytum. This makes it appear that the Adytowners are seriously threatened by the Blades; a convenient pretext for the Regulators' own repressive policies.


The Blades are fairly disorganized and simply trust in their leader, Razor, to do what is best for their group. They live in the large building which dominates the downtown area of Boneyard.

Relations with the outside

The people of Adytum generally despise the Blades, as they are thought to have killed Jon Zimmerman's son, Jason. While relatively unarmed, a man named MacRae teaches the Blades his knowledge of combat skills like self-defense and guards their front-door entrance against intruders. He is mainly the only 'representative' the Regulators parley with; however, there is little peace-talk.

If the Vault Dweller agrees to help the Blades fight the Regulators, they will be instructed to go to the Gun Runners' fort and ask their leader for weapons and ammunition. After the Dweller does what is asked, the Blades storm Adytum fully geared (the Vault Dweller may be in the fight as well if they wish).

As an alternative to the storm, there is an option to talk to Zimmerman first, in this case, however, Razor will be murdered by someone during the Vault Dweller's absence. This murder will not count as done by the Vault Dweller. It is also possible to accept the quest to kill Razor in an attempt by the Regulators to rid the Boneyard of the Blades.


The Blades are on a very rudimentary technological level, with even firearms being a rare sight in their arsenal. The entire contingent has poor armament and fighting skills.


The Blades appear only in the original Fallout, though a sign similar to the one from their hideout appears in Fallout 2 on a building in Klamath.