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The Blackwater Bandits was a faction of raiders that existed in Appalachia before 2102.


The Blackwater Bandits were one of the gangs that made up Appalachia's raiders. According to Rose, the gang was known for their stealth expertise, having once even infiltrated and stolen from the armory of a Brotherhood of Steel base without being seen. The gang based themselves in a pre-war government uranium mine, Blackwater mine. At some point before 2102, a member of the Bandits, Rob, messed with a machine in the mine while drunk, causing a radiation leak. This led to the deaths or ghoulification of the gang members, with the other gangs never finding out what happened to the Blackwater Bandits.

Interactions with the player characterEdit


  • Key to the Past: Rose tasks the player character with going to Blackwater Mine in order to retrieve the gang's piece of the raider stash code and discover what happened to them.

Known membersEdit


The Blackwater Bandits appear only in Fallout 76.

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