Gametitle-FO76 WA
Gametitle-FO76 WA

Blacksheep dossier is a paper note in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia.


Found in Sal's Grinders, on a cigarette machine near the back entrance on the ground floor. Obtainable during Baa Baa Black Sheep.


Dr. Rebecca Sarkovsky, PhD Psychiatry

Patient Evaluation for Bysshe


The patient (Calvin van Lowe, a.k.a. "Blacksheep") exhibits a dissociative view of the social world. His mental acuity and cognitive skills are extremely high. However, his ability to associate context with the stimuli is fractured, at best.

Patient exhibits mood swings indicative of non-functional interpersonal relationships and attachments to the contextualized world around him.

Dr. R. Sarkovsky

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