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You're in Blackhall Manor. This isn't a tourist attraction, but I appreciate your good taste. Come, let's talk.

Blackhall Manor is a location in Point Lookout in 2277, inhabited solely by Obadiah Blackhall.


Blackhall Manor was the ancestral home of a wealthy family before the Great War.Fallout 3 loading screen, Point Lookout

According to Obadiah Blackhall, the mansion has been in his family for generations, dating back to long before the Great War, and is a "fine example of Victorian architecture." He intends to keep this tradition alive, staying in the estate until he dies or the swampfolk get him.


The mansion opens up into a main room with a kitchen on the left and a library on the right where Obadiah sits. In the library is a staircase that ascends to the second floor which has some bedrooms, one with an Average locked safe. After entering the library, on the left is a hallway that leads to a basement where Obadiah performs ritual acts.

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  • The door to the basement does not appear unless the Lone Wanderer gives the Krivbeknih to Obadiah, and remains invisible on the map.
  • Outside Blackhall are many dolls which signal swampfolk territory, although the only one in the house is already dead.
  • This house may also be used as a place to live since all beds are able to be slept in and the player character can safely store things in the house's containers.
  • The front door to Blackhall Manor is, from the outside, a set of double doors. However when inside the manor, it is just a single door leading back outside.
  • In the kitchen, there appears to be a faucet on the counter, yet there is no sink.
  • Blackhall Manor was called Whitehill at a stage of its development, based on the name of its .nif file.
  • Just south of the manor toward Dove Delta, there is an obelisk with a readable inscription marking the day that "Captain John Smith landed in the New World."
  • Opening and looting containers (like safes) will not make Obadiah Blackhall hostile.


Blackhall Manor appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.