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This is a transcript for dialogue with Blackeye.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
9 0055B1A7 0055B26C Did you need to ask me something? Cause I don't got all day.
11 0057CF60 These fish don't clean themsleves. Let's make this quick.
13 0057CF63 We gonna stand around or you got something to say?
14 0057CF64 Well look who it is, one of my most trusted suppliers.
15 0057CF65 Back again with more Mirelurk? It's good to have someone we can count on.
16 0057CF66 Always good to see you. Means more caps are headed our way.
17 0057CF67 Well if it isn't my number one provider.
36 0057CE93 0057CF03 Likes his pet names almost as much as he likes the letter B. He's an odd one.
37 0057CE94 0057CF19 Soon as they had the chance to move him out here they did... and guess who got dragged along with him? It ain't bad out here though. Ain't nice either.
41 0057CE9C 0057CF0B Well, Bones gets things done, there's no doubt about that. But he's also got a bit of a big mouth. Real ambitious and ain't afraid to let folks know.
54 0057CEA3 0057CF51 Watch your step on these docks or you might end up with a nickname too.
55 0057CF52 You smell that? Old fish baking in the sun. It grows on yah.
56 0057CF53 Keep starin' at me and you'll have a black eye too.
74 0057CEC2 0057CEFF Thanks, but we've filled up today's shipments. If you don't mind, check back with me tomorrow.
75 0057CEC4 0057CF1D Mirelurk eggs are sold 15 at a time... and keep your eyes out for meat from one of the queens. It's a real delicacy. Soft, sweet... scrumptious.
76 0057CEC5 0057CF58 That'll do it for today's shipment, but we send these out every day. You know where to find me.
77 0057CF59 Thanks for coming back to me with more product. We had some leftover Mirelurk from dinner last night. Figured you could use some compensation.
78 0057CF5A You're becoming an invaluable cog in our operation. We had some extra supplies. Figured you'd get more use out of this than we would.
79 0057CF5B You've proven yourself reliable and serious about our business, which has never been better. Please, take this. You've earned it.
80 0057CF5C Do you ever sleep, or just hunt for Mirelurks? Business is booming lately, thanks to you. I found this lying around. Take it off my hands for me.
81 0057CEC6 0057CF15 Ahh quite a delicacy! The meat is surprisingly sweet. This will fetch a high price.
82 0057CEC8 0057CF56 We sell various products in certain amounts. Customers buy Mirelurk meat in packages of 10, and Mirelurk softshell meat in bundles of 5.
84 0057CECA 0057CF39 Far as I can tell. Some sorta strange fixation. Likes to call us the "Blackwater Bad Boys" when he's in high spirits. Does have a nice ring to it.
85 0057CECC 0057CF08 Bones doesn't let anything go. It can get old fast but we're used to it. Blackeye sure beats the hell out of Heather though.
86 0057CECE 0057CF27 You ever try to herd a horde of seven year olds, much less enforce turning in their spelling homework? Yeah, I didn't think so.
87 0057CED0 0057CF00 You joking? I'll take holding up some Foundation chumps over my old 1st grade class any day of the week. Especially on a Monday.
88 0057CED2 0057CF1E Ask what you will, but I don't got all day.
89 0057CED4 0057CEF8 Oh yes, these are great! We have a customer who loves these things. Claims they're great on toast.
90 0057CED6 0057CF16 Great! Folks pay good money for these.
91 0057CED8 0057CEF2 Thanks, we appreciate it.
92 0057CEDA 0057CF11 I'd bet the caps I've got that I'd be cleaning a lot less fish. And putting some of my more... traditional skills to use.
93 0057CEDC 0057CF3B Sure, what's that?
94 0057CEDE 0057CF0A That's all Bones. Claims it's good for morale. Says it's something he learned in a leadership workshop back before the war.
95 0057CEE0 0057CF2D Would you believe it if I told you I was a school teacher? Don't get the wrong idea though. I was never one for soft living.
96 0057CEE2 0057CF02 I've been working under Fishbones for awhile now. We both were part of the original gang back at Crater.
97 0057CEE3 0057CF21 Good. What have you brought in for us today?
101 0057CEEB 0057CF10 See yah around.
102 0057CEED 0057CF57 That's a bit of a story, but I think I can keep this short.
103 0057CEEF 0057CEFA We can usually use more Mirelurk products. We've carved out a lucrative market and established customers within the region.