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Blackeye, formerly known as Heather,[2] is a member of the self-proclaimed "Blackwater Bad Boys" Raider group at Ohio River Adventures in 2103.


Blackeye worked as a first grade teacher before the Great War, though she says that she was never one for "soft living."[3] She prefers robbing Foundation settlers to disciplining her class over things like turning in spelling homework,[4] especially on a Monday.[5] After joining the Raiders, she lived in the Crater for a time before becoming part of the group sent to establish an outpost at Ohio River Adventures with Fishbones and Gills, where they could coordinate the trade of mirelurk products such as eggs and softshell meat.

Although Gills was later replaced by Bruiser, the group successfuly built up the location. Fisheyes, wanting to keep up morale, gave Blackeye her nickname in reference to an incident where she accidentally hit herself in the face with a plank of wood on her first day.[6] Despite being a talented sharpshooter, she is described as a klutz by Fishbones. Blackeye, Bones and Bruiser now lead the outpost, though they have recently been having troubles with mirelurks attacking the docks.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

Blackeye can be sold mirelurk meat as way to increase reputation with the Raiders, but only one product per day. Vault Dwellers will need to wait a day before selling new product to her, especially collecting it from helping Fishbones defend the water purifier from mirelurks. Blackeye requires 15 mirelurk eggs, 10 mirelurk meat, 5 softshell mirelurk meat, or 1 queen mirelurk meat. Giving her a piece of mirelurk queen meat earns more reputation than regular or softshell mirelurk meat. Occasionally, when delivering the meat to Blackeye, she'll reward Dwellers with some various cooked mirelurk edibles the Raiders had left from their dinner last night, such as mirelurk cake and mirelurk jerky.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Random raider outfit Random ranged weapon Stimpak x1


Blackeye appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



  1. Blackeye: "I've been working under Fishbones for awhile now. We both were part of the original gang back at Crater."
    (Blackeye's dialogue)
  2. Vault Dweller: "And you guys don't mind? You like the name Blackeye?"
    Blackeye: "Bones doesn't let anything go. It can get old fast but we're used to it. Blackeye sure beats the hell out of Heather though."
    (Blackeye's dialogue)
  3. Vault Dweller: "What was your life like before the war?"
    Blackeye: "Would you believe it if I told you I was a school teacher? Don't get the wrong idea though. I was never one for soft living."
    (Blackeye's dialogue)
  4. Vault Dweller: "The life of a school teacher was a hard one, huh?"
    Blackeye: "You ever try to herd a horde of seven year olds, much less enforce turning in their spelling homework? Yeah, I didn't think so."
    (Blackeye's dialogue)
  5. Vault Dweller: "Disciplining children... are those skills that transfer over to being a raider?"
    Blackeye: "You joking? I'll take holding up some Foundation chumps over my old 1st grade class any day of the week. Especially on a Monday."
    (Blackeye's dialogue)
  6. Vault Dweller: "Blackeye, huh? What's her deal?"
    Fishbones: "Really pulls her weight around here. She's a sharp one and deadly too, but a bit of a klutz. Earned herself a little pet name too. First day workin' out here, tripped over a loose board and smashed her face up. Been callin' her Blackeye ever since. Pretty sure she loves it."
    (Fishbone's dialogue)