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The black powder blunderbuss is a non-automatic pistol in Fallout 76.


The black powder blunderbuss is a percussion cap muzzleloader. Much like a flintlock pistol, the black powder blunderbuss takes .50 caliber balls as ammunition, however, it has a widened barrel. Visually, there is a bag of gunpowder that comes with the weapon and is used in the reloading animation, but reloading the gun does not use any gunpowder from the player character's inventory or C.A.M.P.. The black powder blunderbuss has no modifications available.



  • This weapon cannot drop as a legendary weapon.
  • 1-2 pistols spawn within the small wooden museum building within Helvetia, just east of the church near a gazebo.
  • Can drop randomly from Scorched.
  • Is found during the quest Lying Lowe in the display case with the bone.
  • The Whitespring Resort vendors occasionally sell them.