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The black hazmat suit is an armor set in Fallout 76, introduced in the Fallout Worlds update.


The black hazmat suit provides no Damage Resistance or Energy Resistance but provides 1,000 Radiation Resistance and a hidden 98% radiation damage reduction bonus. No other armor or clothing can be worn with the hazmat suit.



Name Editor ID Form ID
Full armor Armor_HazmatSuit_Black 0061E211


Black hazmat suit
Level Resistance Durability Weight Value
50 1000 44-50 5.0 85
45 1000 41-47
40 1000 38-44
35 1000 35-41
30 1000 32-38
25 1000 29-35
20 1000 26-32
15 1000 23-29
10 1000 20-26
5 1000 17-23
1 1000 14-20


Black hazmat suit cannot be crafted, and may only be awarded as a Daily Ops reward.



AppearanceNameDescriptionResourcesRequirementsForm ID
-No Paint--Known by default003CF472
Atx skin armorskin hazmat falloutflag l.png
Stars and Stripes PaintNothing is Radder than being immune to radiation with this Stars and Stripes Hazmat Paint.Oil x2Unused005698D9


  • The hazmat suit can be awarded from Daily Ops after reaching level 50. Depending on the reward tier it has a 0.06%, 0.12% or 1.22% chance to drop. With Daily Ops plans learned the chances to drop the hazmat suit increase up to 0.14%, 0.28% or 2.78%.
  • Can be worn by random people in a Blast zone (unobtainable).


  • Since it can drop only after reaching level 50, it's impossible to get a low level version of this hazmat suit.
  • The armor is not affected by Sturdy Frame and Lucky Break perks.
  • Does count as an armor for the Chameleon mutation.
  • Although regular hazmat suits can be crafted, black hazmat suits can be obtained only as a Daily Ops reward.
  • All hazmat suits share model and stats, but they can't be repainted to other versions.