Black Ops armor is a unique legendary set of armor in Fallout 4.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Black Ops armor is unique wearable apparel. The set consists of a sturdy combat armor chest piece and right leg.

The chest piece offers the fortifying legendary armor effect, which increases the Sole Survivor's Strength and Endurance by 1 point. It comes with the Reinforced and Dense modifications and affords 2 more points Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance when compared to a normal sturdy combat armor chest piece.

The right leg offers the Sprinters effect, which increases the Sole Survivor's movement speed by 10%. It comes with the Shadowed and Lead Lined modifications and affords 2 more points DR and ER compared to a sturdy combat armor right leg.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Black Ops chestpiece[edit | edit source]

  • +1 Strength and Endurance
  • Damage Protection: 29
  • Energy Protection: 29
  • Weight: 16.5
  • Value: 2,924 caps
  • Modifications: Reinforced combat armor, Dense

Black Ops right shinguard[edit | edit source]

  • +10% movement speed
  • Damage Protection: 15
  • Energy Protection: 15
  • Weight: 9
  • Value: 2,032 caps
  • Modifications: Shadowed combat armor, Lead Lined

Locations[edit | edit source]

Both known pieces of the set can be bought from Deb in Bunker Hill.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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