Nickname? What awe you tawking about?— Himself, regarding his nickname

Biwwy or Billy, is a 9-year old[1] child in Little Lamplight in 2277.


Biwwy, or Billy, is a young boy with a slight speech impediment, which makes it hard for him to pronounce the L and R sounds. He used to be on the scavenging team in Little Lamplight but was recently kicked out of it because none of the other kids could stand being around him. He's still generally avoided by most and leads a slightly sad, lonely existence, lurking in the alcoves of the Great Chamber and playing with his Wazer Wifle.


Biwwy (or Billy) doesn't seem to have any friends, as everyone finds him annoying, possibly because of his speech impediment and apparent hyperactive nature.

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Biwwy (or Billy) wields a unique laser rifle called the "Wazer Wifle" which can be bought from him for 500 caps or 250 with sufficient points in the Barter skill. If one has the Child at Heart perk, the Wazer Wifle can be obtained for free.



  • Biwwy (or Billy) seems to be unaware of his speech impediment, as he thinks that the Lone Wanderer "talks funny."
  • If the player chooses to use Child at Heart to obtain the Wazer Wifle, Biwwy does not appear to realize the Lone Wanderer is not a "fewwow kid" like him.
  • If the Lone Wanderer asks about the way to Vault 87, Biwwy will speak without the impediment.
  • Biwwy's speech impediment is likely rhotacism dysfluency, or the inability to pronounce the letter "r" in the middle or end of a word.

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Biwwy appears only in Fallout 3.


PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 There is a glitch in which Biwwy (or Billy) is found in the nearby pool of water, unable to be engaged in conversation, you can shoot at him through the water and cause him to flee leave and then come back and the bug will be fixed. [verified]

  • This can be fixed by opening the console (~), and typing prid 61799 followed by moveto player. The character should be teleported out of the water onto dry land right next to you, and the Wazer Wifle can then be obtained. Console gamers can leave the Great Chamber and return later, Biwwy or Billy may have spawned somewhere reachable.



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