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This is a transcript for dialogue with Biv.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003EC1B3 Once upon a time there was a brain in a jar, and he lived happily ever after.
2 003EC1B4 What was that sound? Oh! It's just my treads again.
3 003EC1B5 Does it smell like alcohol down here, or is it just me?
4 003EC1B6 *hic* Uh, sorry.
5 003EC1B7 My friends are- *hic* They are great. 'Specially that lovely little brick over there. How you doin', bricky?
6 003F0477 My imbibulation chamber is feelin'- *hic* It's feelin' empty. Or is that my combobulatin' unit?
7 003F0478 Well, where's Lewis, anyway? We didn't get to talk much, um... I'd like to tell him how swell I'm doin'!
8 003F0479 Ah... today's a beautiful day. The floors are green, the walls are blue, and the sky is shining like the sun. Biv has seen the world in changing colors since he first tasted Nukashine
9 003F047A There is no l-lollygagging here, I'll have you know. No way! I am a full-time rummy, and this cellar is my stellar office. rummy = drunken bum
10 003F047B 99 bottles o' 'shine on the wall, 99 bottles o' 'shine! Take one down, drink it right down... 84 bottles o' 'shine on the wall! Singing to the tune of "99 Bottles of Beer"
11 003EC1C0 And how are we doin' this very, very *hic* very swell evening?
12 003EC1C1 More company! Well, it must be my birthday.
13 003EC1C2 You came down to this musty old cellar, just for me? You shouldn't have.
14 003EC1C3 Any drinks you need me to test? My imb-bibing chamber is always open. *long burp*
15 003EC1C4 You know, if life ever does get you down, don't be afraid to consult ole Biv E. Ridge about what's eatin' ya.
16 003F04A5 Oh! Uh, good evening, sir! My name is sober, and I am most assuredly quite Biv. Biv thinks the player is a police officer
17 Wait a- You're not a copper? Well, you scared the headlights off of me!
18 003F04A6 Biv's the name, drinking's the game. And I am in first place, old boy!
19 003F04A7 Biv's the name, drinking's the game. And I am in first place, doll!
20 003F04A8 Oh, don't be shy! Come on over and punch the bag with me! punch the bag = make small talk
21 003F04A9 I'm not too shy to say I'm pos-i-lute-ly pleased to see you.
22 003F04AA Hot dawg! If it isn't my bestest of friends!
23 003F04AB Care for a drink? I'm on a toot, and I wouldn't mind the company! on a toot = on a drinking binge
24 003F04AC Oh! Er! Ma'am! Uh, my name is sober, and I am most definitely Biv! Biv thinks the player is a police officer
25 Wait a- You're not a copper! You scared the headlights outta me!
26 Biv_Greeting_TestComplete 003F04AE One more completed quality test: comin' right up.
27 003F04AF All done, now? Hope it wasn't a trip for biscuits. trip for biscuits = wild good chase
28 003F04B0 Hey, now you're on the trolley! "You've got it!"
29 003F04B1 Done already? You're unreal!
30 003F04B2 You look like you know your onions. know your onions = know what you're talking about
31 003F04B3 I'm awful keen to hear how it went.
32 003F04B4 Don't tell me. It went swell, didn't it?
33 003F04B5 Seems like you haven't been lo-lo-lollygaggin'!
34 003F04B6 Well, aren't you on top of things, hm?
35 003F04B7 Done with the test, doll?
36 003F04B8 Done with the test, old boy?
37 Biv_InfoGroup_HurryBack 003F04BA Hurry back tomorrow, would ya? I could use some more help.
38 003F04BB So, I can expect your company tomorrow, right? I'm lookin' forward to it.
39 003F04BC Until next time, doll! Hopefully tomorrow. Door's always open.
40 003F04BD Until next time, old boy! Hopefully tomorrow. Door's always open.
41 003F04BE These tests have been a breeze since you showed up. You'll keep comin', won't ya?
42 003F04BF You wanna know what tomorrow's test will be? No sneaky peekys! Come back and see for yourself.
43 D01A_InfoGroup_DailyStart 003EC1A9 Got some giggle water for me? giggle water = booze
44 003EC1AA It sure is that time again!
45 003EC1AB 'Hoa! Just in- Just in time to help me with my spifflication! spifflication = drunkenness
46 003EC1AC Has it been a day already?
47 003EC1AE One time I b-burped so hard my eye popped out. Well, I learned my lesson. I am never drinking a Fizzy Sally again.
48 003EC1AF Are you wonderin' if I get lonely down here? Psssh. Not a chance! I'm the best *hic* I'm the- I'm the best company I could ever want!
49 003EC1B0 I would share a drink with you if it wasn't against the rules. Alright, you convinced me! I'll break 'em, just for you.
50 003EC1B1 Let's dance, doll! I will do my best not to *hic* tread on your toes.
51 003EC1B2 Watch out! The coppers are comin'! coppers = police
52 Haha, gotcha! Aw, you shoulda seen the look on your face!
53 003F04C6 Down to- *burp* Oh, 'scuse me. Down to business, shall we?
54 003F04C7 Got some drinks for testin'? Well, I'm your brain. Like "I'm your man"
55 003F04C8 Another Biv quality test, comin' right up!
56 003F04C9 Biv E. Ridge, reportin' for duty!
57 003F04CA Let's see what we got on the ole docket for today!
69 0047CF19 Hey, look at us! You're back, and I'm ready for booze.
58 003F04CB You know what I think? Well, I think that- Well, that I already forgot what I was talkin' about.
59 003F04CC You ever wondered what it's like to be, um... What's the word for not drunk? I- I mean, I sure haven't.
60 003F04CD You know, I am so glad you're here. You are one of my very *hic* my very best friends.
61 003F04CE Everything is Jake. I've got a good friend, a warm drink, and a cozy hideaway. What more could a brain want? Everything's Jake = Everything's good
62 003F04CF How's the bizzy? How's the bizzy wizzy- The bus- How's the business! With you in charge there must be lotsa customers, hm?
63 003F04D0 Let's dance, old boy! I'll try *hic* I'll try not to tread on your toes.
64 Biv_Greeting_QualityTest 003F04D2 Takin' a break? Well isn't it nice of you to spend it with me, thank you.
65 003F04D3 No rush on that drink. This quality test is already over- *hic* overdue. I mean, how much more due can it get?
66 003F04D4 You got that brewin' station figured out, dontcha? I hear you can use it to make all kindsa drinks.
67 003F04D5 If I can recall, brewing is only the first step. After that, there's fermen... fermenen... ah... fermentation!
68 003F04D6 This quality test is of utter importance for my gut. I mean, for the business. For- For- For the business, of course. Yeah.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
69 003EC1BA Lemme be on the level with ya. This is tough, but if I don't get that Nukashine soon, I just might be sober. This is a tragedy
70 003EC1BB Nukashine sure did change my perspective on things. Say, didn't the world used to stay just the one color? Biv has seen the world in changing colors since he first tasted Nukashine
71 003EC1BC That drink you're brewin'... Lewis said it was, uh... his magnum... whadja call it? Ooh, magnus opal! Right, or somethin' like that. He's thinking of "magnum opus"
72 003EC1BD My advice to you? Get a wiggle on and bring me that Nuka drink!
73 003EC1BE Still no Nukashine? *sigh* I suppose nobody's perfect.
74 0047BBFB 'Scuse me, there. I could- *hic* I could, y'know, really use a hand, and you got more than just the one.
75 0047C4AF Do I smell me a Nukashine?
76 P01A_Nukashine_Scene_TestIncomplete 003F046F Hi, I'm Biv! And Biv E. Ridge is the #1 alcohol quality-testing Robobrain in all of Appyda- Appy- Appstay- Appalachia! He's attempting to pronounce "Appalachia"
77 Well, this juice joint's premier drink - Nukashine! - is long overdue for a Biv Quality Test.
78 Would you be a nice fella and whip me up a batch of Nukashine so I can do my job, please?
79 I do have the recipe right here, but... I think I might've sorta kinda dropped part of it in the locked supply room. Dopey me!
80 0047BBFC Hi, I'm Biv! And Biv E. Ridge is the #1 alcohol quality-testing Robobrain in all of Appyda- Appy- Appstay- Appalachia! He's attempting to pronounce "Appalachia"
81 Well, this juice joint's premier drink - Nukashine! - is long overdue for a Biv Quality Test.
82 Now, would you be a doll and whip me up a batch of Nukashine? So I can do my job, please.
83 I do have the recipe right here, but... I think I might've sorta kinda dropped part of it in the locked supply room. Dopey me!
84 P01A_Nukashine_Scene_TestComplete 0047C4B0 Let me just put that in my imbibing chamber and... *gulp gulp gulp*
85 Wow! Now that is a drink! *burp* 'Scuse me.
86 Here's the report. Quality Rating: blissful. Side Effects: illness, addiction, permanent brain damage... Y'know, the list goes on, it's not great, but you get the idea.
87 Your customers will be raving if you serve this drink! Alive? I dunno, but do not sweat the details.
88 Won't you come back tomorrow and help me with my daily quality test? I got plenty more recipes to try out.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003F0469 003F046B *gulp gulp gulp gulp*
2 00454D20 003EC39D Oh, this is nifty. I am seein' some brand new colors right now, and they are really pretty. Biv stamp of approval - granted!
3 003EC39E What was this one supposed to do again? I think it's not that... Oh boy... Oh, it's a good- Oh! *wheezing* It's a good one! Dizzy
4 003F046C Oh, this is somethin' real- *hic* This is somethin'. Oh, this is somethin'. *hic* I think I could- *hic* Oh, heck! *hic* I approve! *hic* Oh boy. Overcome by hiccups
5 003F046D Thatsa real unique taste. I detect hints of alcohol, with a faint trace of *long sniff* intoxification. Good stuff.
6 003F046E Wow! I'm not dead. I'm not dead! I'm not dead, am I? Well, then I say serve it.
7 003F0B8C Ooh. I can feel myself becoming stronger, more precise, and most importantly... cooler. Call me... Biv the Shiv.
8 003F0B8E Okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. The world is not on fire, the world is not on fire. THE WORLD IS ON FIRE! THE WORLD IS ON FIRE!
9 003F0B90 *shivers* That drink is buzzin' through my wires! I know you wanna get close to me, but, y'know, beware of static shock.
10 003F0B92 Woah, is that the padding of paws I hear? The howl of wolves? Now I'm certain I can hear every single blade of grass. Hoppy Hunter lives up to its name.
11 003F0B94 Wow! I am a brick! One solid hunk a' metal! Yeah, just try to put me down now, coppers! Hahahahaha! coppers = police
12 003F0B96 Say, is there anything you need me to carry for ya? I mean, it can be up to ten times my weight, and, uh, all I really need is an unbroken line to my destination.
13 003F0B98 Stay back. Stay back! This drink is... it's giving me the thirst. Save yourself, doll. Save yourself!
14 003F0B99 Stay back. Stay back! This drink is... it's giving me the thirst. Save yourself, old boy. Save yourself!
15 00454D21 003EC3D5 Last time I drank Lead Champagne, I rolled into a wall for 10 hours straight and didn't get a single scratch. Now let's see if you can make a batch that effective, hm?
16 003EC3D7 I have got a new recipe with your name written all over it!
17 Aw, I shoulda... *hic* I shoulda actually written your name on it. Oh, what a bad time not to have opposable thumbs.
18 003EC3DA Today's quality test: Hoppy Hunter. *hic* Longtime favorite of the man who killed three wolves with one half of one bullet.
19 003F0489 I betcha even the Silver Shroud'd benefit from a sip of Ballistic Bock. Ooohh, brew me some so I can be a vigilante for a day!
20 003F048B Wow, Firecracker Whiskey. I won't turn down a drink, but I do need to prepare myself for this one. World's not on fire, the world's not on fire...
21 003F048D Zap! Serve me up some High Voltage Hefeweizen to make me a certified god of thunder!
22 003F048F Today we'll test whether Rad Ant Lager really makes you feel like an ant. Wouldn't that be somethin'?
23 003F0491 Do you think if I drank Tick Blood Tequila, 'kay, that I could suck blood, too? Do I have the right number of appendigables? Is- I think it's worth a try, right?
24 003F753E I, uh, I can't remember what this drink is called, but I hear it is swell! Where'd I hear that from? Oh, uh... friends? My friends?
25 003F753F This drink- I am really looking forward to trying this drink here. So I look forward to every drink... 'cause I appreciate the small things.
26 003F7540 Another new recipe for ya, straight from the archives of where I found it on the floor. Don't mind the alcohol stains.
27 003F7541 If anyone can brew this new recipe, I know for sure it would be you. You've *hic* never let me down before, dollface.
28 003F7547 If anyone can brew this new recipe, I know for sure it'd be you. You've *hic* never let me down, old boy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003EC398 003EC3A0 Y'know, some say giggle water makes your limbs into noodles. Noodles, that's fun to say. Nooooodles! Others perk right up for a fight. So, which one are you?
2 I don't have a good punchin' hand, so could you stand in for me and start a bar fight for me, please? What, it's for science!
3 003EC3A2 A good fuzz tends to make everything look a bit buzzy. I've been fuzzy so long I tend to think I see things a little clearer now. He's mixing up buzz/fuzzy
4 I need a second opinion. Pick up a buzz and go see how your shooting goes. I'd say be careful not to hurt anybody, but doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of this test? He's mixing up buzz/fuzzy
5 003EC3A4 Now- Listen, I know my imbibing chamber can keep down whatever it takes in. And I mean anything. I hear humans are different, so I just need you to do this little test for me, 'kay?
6 Pair a drink with somethin'- something that's not meant to ferment. See how your imbibing chamber does with a full course meal. Be sure to enjoy, 'kay?
7 003EC3A6 Liquor really fuels my charms, but believe it or not it also makes me say stupid things! Is it the same for you?
8 Think you could act sober enough to talk some sap into a good price? Do it and I'll pull my treads over my head like a bundled baby! *crying* I shouldn't have said that. jorum of skee = swig of alcohol
9 003EC3A8 Making that first batch is easy, but what about number two? Your hands are twitchy, your head is spinny, the whole world is lit up with sparkles... Ooh!
10 Then someone like me asks you to use that head for something useful, besides bein' a hat rack. See if you can make something worth half a dollar while spifflicated, wouldja? spifflicated = drunk
11 003EC3AA I like to think I'd be a private eye in another life, but with treads this heavy, it's impossible.
12 Hey, think you could get the jump on someone, even while drunk? Try it! Lemme know how it goes, 'kay? half seas over = drunk
13 003EC3AC And you know that thing called luck? Phonus balonus. Only thing that helps me win at cards is getting so zozzled I can't remember how to lose. zozzled = drunk
14 Could you test my baloney theory, and see if the booze affects your luck? No cheating!
15 003F7840 I'm determined to know what effect the old hooch has on a person's... Whaddaya call it? Muscular anatomony. Have a drink and see how your arms feel.
16 003F7841 How's your eyesight after a good drink? Truth be told, I can't remember the difference. *wheezing* But it seems like you could! Try sharpshooting as a test.
17 003F7842 How strong's your stomach? Well, tonight we're gonna find out. Have a drink and uh... take it with something that's been sitting around awhile.
18 Hey, I don't come up with these tests, they come up with me! I mean, come to me. Is that the phrase?
19 003F7843 Y'know, you're charming sober, but what if you were on my level, huh? Of drunkenness, I mean. Today, I'd like you to hit the market with your best half under haggle. half under = drunk
20 003F7844 You're certainly smart, brewin' up all these recipes. Today's test is about how smart you be when you drink! Think you'll be able to craft something?
21 003F7845 I think they say drinking dampens your reflexes. Psssh. I don't believe it. I bet you'd be just as deft as sober you. Try it, and sneak up on someone.
22 003F7846 We all know luck isn't real... but if it is, it's our steadfast duty to find out how alcohol interacts with the magic trait.
23 Go on a toot and tell me how your luck changes. How to measure that? Well, I'll be figuring that one out too.
24 0047F5BC 003F04C1 And thanks to you, my friend, that is another Biv quality test complete! Ka-ching!
25 003F04C2 I will most definitely recall *hic* remember these results. Ultra important. Super important! Of the duper variety. Don't you even worry about it. He's not going to remember them
26 003F04C3 Oh! Uh, heh, I see everything turned out alright! Well, good for you! Now, I've got a serious question, between you and me. Are you a standard model human being?
27 003F04C4 Look at you! Back in one piece! So, uh, I guess that settles it. This drink is of serving quality! Thanks again for your help.
28 003F04C5 Those are some interesting- *hic* impressive results you got. But hey, now, I won't question it. A job well done is a job well done!
29 003F0B7B So tell me how the bar fight went. I mean, I know you won, because you're just lookin' as swell-egant as ever.
30 003F0B7C How'd the bar fight go? I mean, I know you won, because look at you. You're just as handsome as when you left!
31 003F0B7E You covered your tracks, right? If the coppers come, well... Don't even worry about it. I got a special plan for them. And that plan is my overwhelming *hic* charm.
32 003F0B81 Ooh. Do I even wanna know what you ate? You sure are brave, doll. I wouldn't put that in my imbibing chamber! Alright, maybe I would if you double dog dared me.
33 003F0B84 I gotta say, you pulled off one stupendous price. Mainly because I dunno what caps are. Should I start collecting 'em?
34 003F0B86 Well, you sure are handy! Show me what you made. I promise I will not *hic* drop it.
35 003F0B88 You got the drop on 'em? Haha! How's that for a harmless prank? If I were you, I'd keep using my sneaky powers for good.
36 003F0B8A It's a slice of baloney. How do you measure luck? I mean, I'm trying my hardest, and I just do not get it.
37 003F7F2E You'll spare me the details of the fight, won't ya? I'm not great with violence, but I knew you would be okay! Finished the test like a big six, didn'tcha? big six = strong man
38 003F7F2F I gotta say, I am really impressed. How'd you keep your aim so steady? No, no, I won't ask how. Every torpedo's gotta have their secrets, right? torpedo = hired thug/hitman
39 003F7F30 Ooh, do I even wanna know what you ate? You sure are a brave one, old boy. I wouldn't put that in my imbibing chamber. Alright, maybe I would if you double dog dared me.
40 003F7F31 How was your meal? One serving of sludge plus a cup full of heaven?
41 Look at you. After all that, you still look swell. I mean, that speaks to one mighty impressive imbibing chamber.
42 003F7F32 We knew this already, but now we've got evidence. Giggle water's great for people skills. Must be why I'm so great at making quality friends! giggle water = booze
43 003F7F33 I knew you'd do it. Tell that to those flat tires sayin' alcohol's bad for the brain. They get me in a lather, those, those, those, those... What was I sayin', again? flat tire = bore, get me in a lather = get me angry
44 003F7F34 Lemme imagine how this test went. You were hiding in the shadows. Head's swimmin', but that is nothing for you. You've got the focus. The finesse.
45 The moment comes. POW! You frighten the big fella right out of his shoes. None the worse for wear, of course. What a story.
46 003F7F35 Tell me about your luck. I'm not saying I don't believe you, but my head spins at the thought of something so undefinable. Good thing I had you to test it.