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There really is nothing to say about the Bishop 'Family.' Oh, there is the extended family of hired thugs, mercenaries, whores, pushers, and slaves, but that is really all that the Bishop 'family' amounts to.Leslie Anne Bishop

The Bishops, headed by the ruthless John Bishop, are a power-hungry family that inhabits the Shark Club casino in 2241. The second most powerful family in New Reno, they seek to end New Reno's mob-based anarchy and bring it into an alliance with New California Republic and Vault City, working within the NCR's congressional system to legalize prostitution and gambling within the republic.


Whereas most family's missions involve the local intrigues of New Reno's politics, the Bishops are focused more on the politics of the outside world, delivering messages and occasionally poisons to political figures and spies outside New Reno.[1][2]

John Bishop is a neglectful husband. He is indifferent to the fidelity of his wife, Leslie Anne Bishop, and himself cheats whenever it suits him.[3] It is possible that the Chosen One can have a "relationship" with Mrs. Bishop, who has a child that prefers exploring rather than the mafia and the family.[4] He has also provided little guidance for his daughter, Angela Bishop, who is also promiscuous, and a jet-addict to boot.[5][6] NCR hired the Bishops as middlemen, who in turn hired the raiders who harass Vault City, in the hopes that it will turn to NCR for protection.[7]

By 2256, the Chosen One's bastard child, Mr. Bishop, by this point only thirteen years old, assumes control over the family, and eventually leads it to victory over the other families in New Reno.[4]

By 2281, the Bishop child is now the head of the family, adopting the title of Mr. Bishop from either his late step-father or grandfather.[4] While the Wrights at this point have taken the position as New Reno's leading family, the Bishops remain a force to reckon with, and their influence extends beyond New California, due to Mr. Bishop's eagerness to explore the wastes. Mr. Bishop eventually dies quietly in his sleep at the age of seventy-three, having never known his real father.[4]


The Bishops appear only in Fallout 2, and are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas by Bruce Isaac.[8]


  1. Deliver Moore's briefcase to Mr. Bishop in New Reno
  2. Assassinate Westin in NCR without making it look like a murder
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