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You don't know Mr. Bishop. He's not like the other bosses up there. He knows the Wasteland like the back of his hand, and he likes to wander it.Bruce Isaac

Mr. Bishop (2243-2316) is the head of the Bishop family.


Not long after the destruction of President Dick Richardson's Enclave, the Bishop Family of New Reno was blessed with a child. This child seemed to have little in common with the Bishops, preferring instead to spend his days exploring the wastes. When he turned thirteen, he seized control of the Bishop Family and led them to victory over the remaining New Reno families.[1]

By the time of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Wrights have relative control over New Reno,[2] but Mr. Bishop's position is still fairly strong as the head of the Bishop family. According to Bruce Isaac, he knows the wasteland "like the back of his hand"; indeed, Isaac had to flee as far as Novac to escape his wrath after stealing money he was owed from the Shark Club and having sex with Bishop's daughter.[3]

Mr. Bishop eventually dies quietly in his sleep at the age of seventy-three, having never known his real father.[1]


It is unknown what exactly Mr. Bishop's place is in the Bishop family. All that is known is that a male Chosen One can have a child with either Angela or Leslie Anne Bishop.


Mr. Bishop is mentioned indirectly in Fallout 2 and directly in Fallout: New Vegas.


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