So I hear Mr. House runs the Strip. He took it over from the last guy, Mr. Mob-Infested Hellhole.

Billy Knight is a street comedian living on The Strip in 2281. He stands outside of the The Tops Casino, next to a gate dividing The Strip.


Billy Knight is a longtime professional comedian who has clearly fallen on hard times. His act is made up of sardonic one-liners and observations about life and various personalities in New Vegas. It is implied that he was once a well-known comic, but his desperation causes him to sharply question his worth to a club.

Interactions with the player character

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Talent Pool


  • Talent Pool: The player has the option of recruiting Billy to perform his act for the patrons of Tommy Torini's Aces Theater, located in The Tops casino. Billy is desperate for the work, and offers to perform for as low as 10 caps a night; however, with a 25 Barter skill, he can be convinced to persuade Torini of his true worth as an act.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Pre-War Casualwear - - -


  • If recruited for Torini, Billy performs his act at The Aces nightly between 4:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M.
  • If you listen to all of his jokes, he will make a crack about being served human meat at the Ultra-luxe.
  • The joke about clown meat is a obvious reference to Wadsworths joke in Fallout 3 about two cannibals eating a clown.
  • The Tops sign bills him as the "King of Zing!".

Notable quotes

  • "I had dinner at the Ultra-Luxe the other night. I told them my steak tasted funny. They said it was a clown."
  • "I know a guy, his motto is Love Thy Neighbor. He lives next to a brothel."
  • "People say it's hard to survive the Wasteland - hey, how hard can it be, the water glows in the dark!"
  • "Hey, what about that suit Benny wears? If I had a suit like that, the ladies would be all over me. What, you expect a punchline? The guy pays my salary!"
  • "They really care about your privacy here at the Tops. Even room service has an unlisted number!"
  • "It's hard to sleep in this place, I tell ya; this girl was pounding on my door all night, finally I had to let her out."


Billy Knight appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the Scenes

Billy occasionally uses Yiddish words and phrases, implying that he might be Jewish with an Anglicized name. This could be an homage to the great Borscht Belt comics of the 1940s and '50s, many of whom were renowned for their 'one-liners'.


  • During the course of his routine, Billy will make a joke about Tops owner Benny paying his salary; Billy will make this joke even if Benny is dead or has fled The Strip while other NPCs in the theater are talking about the mobster's recent disgrace.
  • Like all the other performers at The Aces, Billy will remain silently on the stage after his act has concluded if his allotted time there has not been met. Furthermore, he may walk straight off of the stage and into the audience, instead of down the side stairs.
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