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This is a transcript for dialogue with Billingsley.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 MTNM04_Billingsley_IntroScene 0005C403 You must be here for the job? Let's get the interview underway. Can you move? Can you pick things up and put them down? Good. You're hired! The Maitre D will take who he can get at this point. He simply doesn't care who, as long as someone can do the job.
2 Now, first things first. Our guests will be here soon for the Halloween Gala, but my waitstaff is nowhere to be found! Worried about the time pressure, and annoyed at the waitstaff.
3 005264AD You have too much work to do to be bothering me.
4 005264AE Get back to work please, I will supervise from here.
5 005264AF Please, we have too much to do, and no time to chat with you right now.
6 005264B0 Not now. It is important we finish our job before our guests arrive, so stop dilly-dallying.
7 005264B1 Focus on the task at hand, if you will.
8 005264B2 We don't have much time. You must finish doing what I've instructed you to do before the gala starts!
9 005264B3 Please do not disturb me, I am busy processing the precise timings and procedures for this evening's activities.
10 005264B4 I am not able to assist you. My primary function is to delegate tasks out to the staff, not completing the tasks myself.
11 005264B5 Please do not make me regret hiring you on such short notice.
12 005264B6 You need to stop pestering me, and get back to work.
13 0005C407 Oh! Thank heavens! Someone came!
34 005264A8 They must be lazing about the premises somewhere. I need you to find them. Annoyed at the waitstaff
35 Instruct the incompetent layabouts that their shift has started and they must report to work straightaway. Annoyed at the waitstaff
36 Make sure they get to their positions without getting distracted along the way.
37 MTNM04_PA_RobotArrivedScene001A 00526500 Well look who finally decided to come back to work. I had expected more from a robot waiter.
38 00526501 It's about time you stopped slacking off and returned to work. Who programmed you to take such a long break?
39 00526502 Did your circuits fry? It's as if you've lost all sense of time. Well, you're back on the job and that's what's important.
40 MTNM04_PA_RobotArrivedScene001B 00526504 Oh good, another one of my employees has returned.
41 00526505 Another waiter is back. Good job, new hire. Disappointed
42 00526506 Ah, hello, waiter unit! Welcome back!
43 00526507 We've almost got the whole waitstaff crew back now.
44 00526508 Back from break so soon? I'll speak with you later. He's being sarcastic here. The robot took a long time to come back.
45 MTNM04_PA_EndScene001A 005264BF Let's hope the little brats and their parents don't complain too much about this dreadful lack of festivity. Still upset
46 005264C0 If I get fired for your lack of skill and enthusiasm, I will be quite upset. Still upset
47 005264C1 This will be the saddest Gala since the infamous fondue incident. Still upset
48 MTNM04_PA_EndScene001B 005264C3 Well, the guests will be arriving any moment now, so run along! Excited. Trying to get the players to move along.
49 Yes... Any moment now... Continued from before. Big pause before starting this line, also after "Yes..." Draw out "Any."
50 005264C4 Now please clear out before the guests arrive, and thank you again! Anxiously awaiting the guests. Wants the player to leave.
51 005264C5 That's all I need from you for now. All that's left is waiting for the guests, who should be arriving... soon. Anxious that the guests are arriving soon, but starting to doubt himself a little.
52 005264C6 It appears our distinguished guests may be running a tad late, but no worries. You did your job, now please exit and let me do mine. Anxious that the guests are arriving soon, and surprised that they would be late. Spoiler alert. They're never coming.
53 005264F3 You get nothing! Good day! Angry
54 005264F4 Speaking of better than nothing... here's your payment. Fitting, given your effort, or lack thereof. Disappointed.
55 005264F5 Here, take this for your services. You've earned it. A satisfactory reward for a satisfactory job. Par for the course.
56 005264F6 I believe in rewarding a job well done, so I hope you will find your payment adequately rewarding. Thank you for bailing me out of this mess. Proud of himself
57 005264F7 I am pleased to offer you the highest honors and rewards Bolton Greens can afford out of our substantial coffers.
58 005264CE Billingsley, you old fool! Why did you think it was a good idea to hire unqualified ninnies off the street with so much at stake? Really upset with himself
59 005264CF Well, you did the absolute bare minimum. I suppose that's all I can ask for when I hire inexperienced staff at the last minute. Disappointed, but more at himself.
60 Better than nothing I suppose.
61 005264D0 Not bad. Not bad at all. Perhaps this year's Halloween Gala won't be a complete disaster after all thanks to you. Pleasantly surprised, but not exuberant. Par for the course.
62 005264D1 Well done! Not perfect, but I think that's about as close as I could have expected! I can see I made the right choice in hiring you! Proud of himself
63 005264D2 Perfect in every way! I don't think we could have pulled this off any better with my normal staff under the best conditions. Quite proud and downright exuberant
64 This year's Halloween Gala is bound to be our best yet! I look forward to working with you on future functions. Quite proud and downright exuberant
65 MTNM04_PA_UndesirablesArrivedScene001A 005264E1 I should mention that we cannot let any uninvited guests into our function at any time.
66 I will need you to remove any undesirables that make their way into the function hall.
67 By the way, it appears some are on their way now.
68 005264E2 It appears that some undesirable guests are milling about outside, trying to get into our little gala without an invitation.
69 It is imperative that you not allow these undesirables into the function room at any time, for the sake of our distinguished club members.
70 You're new, so I should explain:
71 MTNM04_PA_UndesirablesArrivedScene001B 005264E4 More uninvited guests are on their way! Do not let them disturb the function room!
72 005264E5 More undesirables detected nearby! Do not let them in!
73 005264E6 Once again, we have undesired guests at our doorstep. You know the drill. Keep them out of the function hall!
74 005264E7 Undesirables on the premises! Throw them out! Use force if need be, but don't allow them to breach the hall!
75 005264E8 We have uninvited guests approaching, I repeat: undesirables are trying to gain entry. You know what to do!
76 005264C7 Gather them and set the tables. If you need an example, see the center table. Now, hurry to it!
77 005264A9 As for any new-hires: I need someone to set the tables with our special dishware and centerpieces.
78 However, there is a small issue.
79 005264DB They've been misplaced all over the property, both inside and out, as what I can only assume is someone's idea of a joke.
80 005264AA You found all my waitstaff! Get to work, you lazy buggers!
81 005264AB I see not all of my waitstaff made it back. Ah well, we'll make do with what we've got.
82 MTNM04_PA_TableSetScene001A 0052651B Well done, It's starting to feel like a proper gala!
83 0052651C There we are. Another place set, for another happy guest.
84 0052651D I do think the golden pumpkin motif is quite festive, don't you?
85 0052651E Well done on the placement there. Keep up the good work.
86 0052651F Ah! Excellent! You found more!
87 00526520 I seem to recall our previous guests misplacing these. Glad you're sorting it out.
88 00526521 A smidge off center, but I don't think anyone will notice. It'll be our little secret.
89 00526522 Good, good.
90 00526523 Don't tell anyone, but I wonder if our guests are refined enough to appreciate the decor you're putting down.
91 00526524 Ah, see the decor glitter on the table. It's glorious.
92 MTNM04_PA_TableSetScene001B 00526526 Don't stop now, we've almost got all the tables set!
93 00526527 Aha, I see you're nearly done with the tables. Good!
94 00526528 We're just about ready for the Halloween Gala. Only a few more places to set!
95 00526529 You just need for find a few more place settings and we should be good to go.
96 0052652A Wonderful! You're almost finished!
97 MTNM04_PA_UndesirablesClearedScene001 00526515 Thank goodness. You've taken care of them.
98 00526516 Excellent, you've cleared them out. Keep it up.
99 00526517 The function room is clear. That's a relief.
100 00526518 Good, now let's see to it that doesn't happen again.
101 00526519 Our guests will never know their party was almost ruined by those hooligans.
102 MTNM04_PA_UndesirableFailScene002 0052650E Clear them out quickly before I get more upset.
103 0052650F Get rid of them, or I shall continue to dock your pay.
104 00526510 Every moment they remain is a black mark on your record.
105 00526511 Just get them out of here before I lose confidence in you.
106 00526512 Until you remove them from my sight, my opinion of your work will remain low.
107 00526513 Do whatever you need to disperse them before I blow a circuit.
108 MTNM04_PA_UndesireableFailScene001A 005264B8 Tsk, this is disastrous. That undesirable has already left its foul stench behind due to your inaction.
109 005264B9 I thought I said no uninvited guests? And here you are, letting them in! How dreadful!
110 005264BA I am deeply unsettled by your inability to keep the undesirables out of here.
111 005264BB You are failing to turn away the undesirables. Expect this to reflect poorly on your performance review.
112 005264BC We can't have our guests show up with any freeloaders still here!
113 005264BD No! No! No! I told you to get rid of the undesirables, not let them in! Increased annoyance with each "no!"
114 MTNM04_PA_UndesirableEnteredScene001 005264F9 Ugh, get that undesirable out of here before they stink up the place. Disgusted and snobby
115 005264FA They're not invited. You must them away immediately.
116 005264FB An uninvited guest has entered the function room. Please get them to leave!
117 005264FC They are not on the guest list! This is a problem you need to solve!
118 005264FD Please escort this undesirable out of my function room, new employee!
119 005264FE Oh, new hire! There's an undesirable in my function room that you need to take care of, pronto. Trying to be pleasant, as if not wanting to upset the uninvited guest directly.
120 MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene002 005264D4 Expect me to dock your pay for that.
121 005264D5 I am not happy about that.
122 005264D6 I am starting to question your job performance.
123 005264D7 Be more careful, or I'll continue to judge your incompetence.
124 005264D8 So far, I am finding your work less than satisfactory.
125 005264D9 I suppose we'll have to do more with less. Your pay will reflect this.
126 005264DA This won't do at all. I am very disappointed in you.
127 MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001A 005264EA Oh dear, it seems one of my waiters exploded on your watch. Surprised and concerned
128 005264EB Was that the sound of a waiter going to pieces?
129 005264EC I am aware that you allowed someone to tamper with my waiter and now he is destroyed. Very Disappointed
130 MTNM04_PA_RobotDeadScene001B 005264EE Oh no, not again.
131 005264EF Yet again, it sounds like you failed to bring back my waiter in one piece. Disappointed
132 005264F0 Seriously, a waiter exploded? Again? Shocked and appalled
133 005264F1 Another waiter destroyed? Disbelief and annoyed
134 005264F2 How could you let another waiter fall apart on their way to work?
135 0005C3FF There's a lot of work to do, and not much time to do it in!
136 00331BA1 I do hope none of the guests show up early and see us in such disarray!
137 00331BA2 Remember to keep out the riffraff. We can't have anyone showing up uninvited and ruining the evening for our guests!
138 00331BA3 I'm glad to have the help, but I hope I haven't made a big mistake in hiring you.
139 00331BA4 Everything must be pristine when the guests arrive. Do not let me down!
140 00331BA5 When this gala is over, I'm going to have words with my wait staff! Harsh words!
141 00331BA6 I wonder if we overdid it with the Halloween decorations.
142 00331BA7 I wonder if we don't have enough Halloween decorations?
143 00331BA8 If we can't pull this off, upper management will have my head!
144 00331BA9 Our guests are such picky eaters. I hope the menu suits them.
145 00331BAA I feel like we're always setting up for events last minute these days. If only I had more competent staff.
146 00331BAB Good help is so hard to find!
147 MTNM04_PA_EventStartScene003 005264DD Very distinguished guests will be arriving shortly for a Halloween Gala, and this function room must be shipshape!
148 005264DE The Bolton Greens Halloween Gala is this evening and we are dreadfully far behind in preparing for our very distinguished guests.
149 005264DF Our distinguished guests will be expecting a flawless Halloween Gala event this evening, and we simply must deliver on that expectation.
150 MTNM04_PA_EventStartScene004 0052650A However, we are currently understaffed and in desperate need of new hires with immediate availability.
151 Applicants should see me in the function room for employment inquiries.
152 0052650B Unfortunately, there's a bit of a staffing issue we'd like to resolve as soon as possible.
153 If you are able-bodied, halfway competent, and in need of work, then please see me in the function room.
154 0052650C Regrettably, we have an immediate need for new hires to assist us in preparing for this evening's shift. No chem-tests required for application.
155 Interested parties should seek me out for employment information. I shall be waiting in the function room.
156 MTNM04_PA_EventStartScene002 0052652C This is Billingsley, the Maitre D' here at Bolton Greens.
157 0052652D Billingsley here, your friendly Bolton Greens Maitre D'.
158 0052652E You may know me as Billingsley, Bolton Greens' famed Maitre D'.
159 MTNM04_PA_EventStartScene001 005264C9 Is this thing on?
160 005264CA Is anybody out there?
161 005264CB Uh, hello? As if he's not sure anyone's out there.
162 005264CC Well, here goes nothing... Not sure this will work
163 005264CD Um, ahem, this is an important message. A little unsure of himself
164 MTNM04_PA_EarlyCompletionScene001 00528195 That's all of the tables set, now just keep out the uninvited guests until we're done here!
165 00528196 Wonderful! You've finished setting all the tables! Now all you need to do is keep out undesirables until we're all finished.
166 00528197 Excellent! No more tables to set! Just keep the function room clear of uninvited guests until I say we're done.
167 MTNM04_PA_TimeRunningOutScene001A 0052CB36 We're running out of time! Our guests are nearly here! Please hurry and finish setting those tables!
168 0052CB37 Oh dear. We haven't finished, and we're running out of time! It is imperative that you finish setting those tables, posthaste!!
169 0052CB38 Tick tock! The Gala will be starting soon, whether you're finished setting the tables or not, and I'd much prefer the former.
170 MTNM04_PA_TimeRunningOutScene001B 0052CB3A Oh no, we've barely done anything, and time is almost up! You'd best finish getting the waiters in here at least. Very worried and annoyed.
171 0052CB3B This is disastrous. We are nearly out of time before the gala begins, and you haven't even found all my waiters! Very worried and annoyed.
172 0052CB3C Our guests are nearly here, but there's still so much to do even after my waitstaff are found! This won't do at all! Very worried and annoyed.
173 MTNM04_PA_TimeRunningOutScene001C 0052CB3E The gala will begin soon, and you've finished all your work. Now we just need to hold down the fort until our guests arrive. Relieved, but this is still important.
174 0052CB3F I'm feeling pretty good about this. We have finished the preparations. Now we just need to hold any uninvited guests at bay a little longer! Relieved, but this is still important.
175 0052CB40 We're nearly out of time. Thankfully, there's not much left to do but prevent any undesirables from sneaking in. Relieved, but this is still important.