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Let's hope the little brats and their parents don't complain too much about this dreadful lack of festivity.

Billingsley is a Mister Handy operating as the Maître D'[1] at Bolton Greens in Appalachia.


Billingsley is in charge of the Bolton Greens dining room and is responsible for organizing a Halloween gala during the Distinguished Guests event. He is very stressed at the prospect of hosting the gala as his waitstaff have gone missing and the dining room has yet to be decorated, and he is willing to hire any help as long as they are able to move and get the job done.[2]

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Billingsley appears only in Fallout 76.



  1. Billingsley: "You may know me as Billingsley, Bolton Greens' famed Maitre D'."
    (Billingsley's dialogue)
  2. Billingsley: "You must be here for the job? Let's get the interview underway. Can you move? Can you pick things up and put them down? Good. You're hired!"
    (Billingsley's dialogue)