The Bill of Rights is a historical document that was drafted in 1789 and an item encountered by most players during the quest Stealing Independence.


In the National Archives, the Bill of Rights is in the center of Archival Secure Wing East.

On one's way up they can find the Bill of Rights on one of the floors in the fenced off area with a safe (next to a Lying, Congressional Style). One can also find the Magna Carta in a similar room northeast from where they found the Bill of Rights. Both can be sold to Abraham Washington: 100 caps for the Bill of Rights (125 with a haggle), and 75 caps (100 haggling) for the Magna Carta.

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  • After this item is looted, it may not ever be dropped - the only option to remove it is sell to Washington. It is flagged as a quest item. Oddly, the Magna Carta is not flagged as a quest item and can be dropped.
  • Once sold to Abraham Washington it will show up in one of the empty picture frames on the Capitol Preservation Society wall.
  • Though it no longer serves any purpose, this item is still found in the game files for Fallout: New Vegas.


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