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Mr. Bill Thomas[1] was the owner of Thomas farm before the Great War.


Bill Thomas graduated from Vault-Tec University with a degree in chemistry. He operated Thomas farm in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia and attributed the farm's success to his knowledge of science. After Mary died, he considered his dog Winston to be his "best bud."[2] However, when Winston was 13 years old, he was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma by a veterinarian in Lewisburg.[3] Thomas became determined to find a way to cure Winston's cancer and developed three different experimental cures, one of which still sits in his barn as of 2102.

At this same time, Thomas attempted to put Winston's medication in the farm's aerosolizer to better expose the dog to its effects. Unbeknownst to Thomas at the time, the aerosolizer sprayed the medication's chemicals onto a handful of nearby deer, mutating them and giving them a white albino appearance.[4] Calvin van Lowe became interested in the sightings of these white creatures, which would eventually turn into albino radstags. When a reporter from the Charleston Herald investigated these sightings, Thomas angrily asked to be left alone, realizing what he had done, and stated that he only had the "best of intentions."[5]

Knowing that his efforts to cure the lymphoma would be futile, Thomas took Winston to a hunting cabin northwest of Kerwood mine to live out the dog's last days in one of his favorite places.[6] There, Thomas wrote about the immense shame he felt in having created the "monsters" with his aerosolizer. His skeleton rests on a set of stairs overlooking Appalachia, a silver locket, and the body of an albino mongrel beside him.


Bill Thomas appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.


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