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Big Steve's Sporting Goods was a pre-War company in the United States.


Big Steve's Sporting Goods was a chain of stores that sold athletic equipment, ranging from baseballs and bats to apparel such as Springbak athletic shorts, Quad Ankles socks and Quadriga cloth pajamas. The chain had a location at Valley Galleria in Appalachia, now part of the Mire, that also sold bicycles, golfing equipment and basketballs. A second location is seen just north of Clarksburg, at the toxic dried lakebed, part of the Toxic Valley. This location is inaccessible, though a fallen tree provides access to the roof.


Big Steve's Sporting Goods is mentioned only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The sign for Big Steve's Sporting Goods was created by Jonathan Rush.[1]



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