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This page is about the company. For the location, see Big MT.
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Big MT was one (along with West Tek) of the defense contractors in the employ of the United States and the operator of the Big Mountain research and development center in the Southwest Commonwealth.


Big MT was responsible for some of the most breathtaking research endeavors back before the War. Endeavors that at the same time often violated basic human rights. The results of their research were sometimes sold to non-governmental parties in exchange for money.

However, as unethical as their operations could be, their achievements were groundbreaking. Despite that fact, they never reached widespread deployment due to issues with cost, efficiency or simply greater influence of certain parties such as the other defense contractors West Tek and the construction of Liberty Prime.


Big MT "Think Tank" executivesEdit

  • Dr. Klein - Administrator and chief head of logistical operations and idealogy
  • Dr. 0 - Head of robotics and stealth technology
  • Dr. 8 - Head of soundwaves technology
  • Dr. Borous - Head of animalogy, beastology and DNA-scrambling technology
  • Dr. Dala - Head of mineralogy and medicinal sciences
  • Dr. Mobius


X-8 research centerEdit

X-13 testing facilityEdit




Their logo can be found on the metal boxes scattered throughout Big MT.


While the parent company is mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money, the company and its research and development center appear in Old World Blues.


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