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Swing for the fences! If you design a bludgeoning or bladed method of bringing an end to your foes, this is the perk to take. Though difficult to battle against multiple enemies in the same space, close combat is much more impressive when your damage is increased. Check the Weapons chapter for more information on available melee weapons.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide description

Big Leagues is a Strength perk in Fallout 4.


Taking this perk grants bonus damage with melee weapons. Higher ranks increase the damage amount as well as grant a chance to disarm an enemy per hit, the ability to hit all targets that are in front and in melee range, and a chance per hit to cripple an enemy's limbs and/or perform a "grand slam" that decapitates an enemy instantly. Above and beyond the intrinsic benefits of melee weapons over unarmed ones, like access to better damage and faster swings and being able to use weapons in power armor, this perk tree is also fundamentally superior to the Unarmed one in that all of its benefits work both in VATS and outside of it.


Required Strength Required Level Rank Description Damage Multiplier Disarm Chance Area of Effect (Frontal Sweep) Cripple/Decapitate Chance Form ID
1 1 Swing for the fences! Do 20% more melee weapon damage. 1.2 .00 No .00 0004A0B5
7 2 You now do 40% more melee weapon damage and gain a chance to disarm your opponent. 1.4 .10 No .00 000E36FC
15 3 You now do 60% more melee weapon damage and gain an increased chance to disarm your opponent. 1.6 .15 No .00 000E36FD
27 4 You now do 80% more melee weapon damage and hit all targets in front of you. 1.8 .15 Yes .00 000E36FE
42 5 You now do double damage with a melee weapon, and gain a chance to cripple your opponent, or grand slam their head clean off! 2.0 .15 Yes .20 00065E05

Rank 4 is compulsory once the player has it, they will not ignore friendly or neutral targets, and the circumstances under which Rank 5 will decapitate rather than cripple are not well-understood.


  • Upon getting a "grand slam" with rank 5, a small animation appears and a short round of applause can be heard.
  • With rank 4, the player character's melee attacks do damage to everything in front of them; that means also neutral creatures that are around the target, rendering the melee attacks dangerous to the Sole Survivor as it can turn neutral or friendlies against them. While rank 2 of Inspirational negates this for companions, the risk still remains for non-companion NPCs to get hit and turn hostile.
    • Having rank 4 can make it impossible to save Kent Connolly while using melee weapons in the climax of The Silver Shroud. Because Sinjin stands so close, attacking him from any angle puts Kent in front of the Sole Survivor and highly likely to take fatal damage.
  • Inspirational rank 2 is best taken before getting more than 3 ranks of Big Leagues, since the latter increases the likelihood of damaging companions.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Rank 5 of the perk may neither calculate nor grant the bonus correctly.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One With rank 5 of the perk, additional damage may be correctly applied, but melee weapons show their base damage.[verified]