Big Jim is a unique pipe wrench found in Fallout 4.


A unique pipe wrench that bears the Kneecapper effect, which allows every hit to have a 20% chance of crippling the target's leg.

Weapon modifications

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per hit change Weight change Weapon value change in caps Perk needed Components Base ID
Head Standard Standard. Gears x1
Steel x1
Hooked Chance to disarm. Better damage. Hooked +7 +0.4 +9 Adhesive x2
Screw x2
Steel x2
Heavy Extra limb damage. Superior damage. Weighted +13 +0.7 +12 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x3
Screw x2
Steel x4
Puncturing Armor piercing. Superior damage. Puncturing +13 +0.7 +13 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x4
Steel x4
Extra heavy Chance to cripple. Extra limb damage. Superior damage. Heavy +19 +1.5 +22 Blacksmith 2 Adhesive x4
Screw x4
Steel x6


Big Jim is on a metal set of drawers under the gift shop at Walden Pond. The door to the basement is Master-level locked, but a note to the side of the door mentions an unlocked sewer entrance inside the big pipe at the pond. Alternatively, the door can be accessed by acquiring the key from Walter, a raider at Walden Pond.


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