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The Mordino name has... weight in New Reno.

Big Jesus Mordino is the head of the Mordino crime family in 2241.


Big Jesus Mordino and his son Lil' Jesus Mordino are the heads of the Mordino crime family in New Reno. Big Jesus is a large, sweaty man with small, beady eyes.[1] He and his son were once Reno slaves, until they managed to turn the tables in their favor and emerge as the rulers of one of the biggest crime families in the City of Sin.

The Mordino family controls all Jet production and most of its distribution and sales in New California, thanks to the "acquisition" of Big Jesus' pride and joy, the genius Myron.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • Big Jesus will attack the Chosen One if they speak to him with Myron in company. He will not necessarily always attack when Myron is in the party, he will only become hostile if one initiates dialogue with him while Myron is within his line of vision.
  • The Chosen One can use any sort of stat-modifying drug (including Nuka-Cola, which really does nothing!) to trigger a fatal heart attack in Boss Mordino, giving a 1000 XP bonus.



Big Jesus Mordino appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

An unused proto of Big Jesus exists in the game files. It uses the default leather jacket male sprite and has marginally higher SPECIAL stats, but is inferior in terms of skills and derived stats.


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