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Welcome back to the Big Horn. What can I get you?Ike

The Big Horn Saloon is a building located in Boulder City and run by Ike in 2281.


The saloon is comprised of the main bar area and a back room. There are four tables on the left and five to the right of the entrance. Directly ahead is the bar and counter. Behind the bar is the barkeep, Ike. To the right of the bar is a backroom secured with an Easy lock, filled with Sunset Sarsaparilla crates.

Notable loot


There are no customers inside the saloon until the completion of the unmarked quest Claws Out. Only after the quest's completion will the Boulder City workers begin to visit the saloon once more.


The Big Horn Saloon appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The Big Horn Saloon is located in the same geographical area as the former real world Big Horn Restaurant in Boulder City, Nevada.


  • PCPC The door to Ike's room at the back of the saloon will return to being locked anytime the player character leaves and returns to the saloon, even if the door is still physically open. The player character will only be rewarded XP for picking the lock once. [verified]
  • As of patch, the door is never locked but it shows as trespassing to go through it, yet Ike will not respond if you are trespassing.