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Hunt down dangerous creatures as trophies.

Daily: Big Game Hunter is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

The Huntmaster computer in the Black Bear Lodge can sign players up for a hunting tournament. They will have three different creatures to hunt.

Detailed walkthrough

  • Start the quest by speaking with the Huntmaster in the basement of Black Bear Lodge.
  • Do three of the following (randomized):
  • Suggested locations for finding the targets are marked around the map, but can disappear should the initial target be killed by another player character or other enemies, making it harder to find and kill the chosen targets. Unless a player has a good memory and knows where the targets can still be found if the initial target spot is removed, they can leave and log on to another server to try again for some easier targets as the targets randomly cycle with each login.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Talk to the Huntmaster of Black Bear LodgeThe huntmaster computer in the Black Bear Lodge has signed me up for a hunting tournament. I have three different creatures I need to bag.
Kill one {CreatureName01}
Kill one {CreatureName02}
Kill one {CreatureName03}
Talk to the Huntmaster of Black Bear Lodge


The quest's difficulty depends greatly on the type of creature the player is asked to hunt down. The three types are chosen at random from many of the creatures found in Appalachia.

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