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Hunt down dangerous creatures as trophies.

Daily: Big Game Hunter is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Daily quest: Big Game Hunter
Speak with the Huntmaster in the basement of the Black Bear Lodge.
Kill one of each given creature anywhere in Appalachia.
Reward: 575 XP, 60 Bottle cap, 3 Legendary Scrip, random items

Detailed walkthrough

The Huntmaster AI in the basement at the Black Bear Lodge is looking for participants in a hunting tournament. The quest starts, as soon as the Vault Dweller speaks with it.

The objective of the hunt is to kill three randomly chosen creatures, which can include honey beasts, mirelurks, radscorpions, radstags, radtoads, snallygasters, stingwings, super mutants, or yao guai.

Initially, three map markers, one for each creature, are placed in the Toxic Valley region. However, the targets can be killed by other players, non-player characters, or even other creatures - in which case a notification appears and the map marker simply disappears from the map. Despite the given map markers, creatures can be killed anywhere in Appalachia, and will still count towards quest progression, so if the suggested location is removed from the map, simply try another location where the target is certain to be available.

After the third target is killed, this quest is completed. The rewards are 500 XP, 60 caps, three legendary scrip and random items, including a chance for a legendary weapon or armor.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Talk to the Huntmaster of Black Bear LodgeThe huntmaster computer in the Black Bear Lodge has signed me up for a hunting tournament. I have three different creatures I need to bag.
Kill one <Alias=CreatureName01>
Kill one <Alias=CreatureName02>
Kill one <Alias=CreatureName03>
Quest complete


  • The target creatures can be killed in any given order, and each kill gives a base 25 mid-quest experience points.
  • Switching to another server results in the target creatures being randomized again.
  • There is a short delay between killing a target and the kill being registered by the game.
  • If a player has memorized where to find the targets offered when the quest starts, it is easier to complete.