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For an overview of this item's appearances in the Fallout series of games, see Big Book of Science.
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The Big Book of Science is a collection of writings on general science, written before the Great War.


A set of books containing information about different scientific fields. Reading permanently improves your Science skill. Time will pass while reading, yet if used in the inventory screen, rather than being used in weapon slots, time will not pass until the inventory screen is exited.


Closest map markerLocation description
Rock FallsOne in a locked chest, another carried by Diesoon
PeoriaOne in a locked safe, another in desk
JeffersonIn fridge
Kansas CityIn two shelves
Junction CityIn bookshelf
Great BendIn a chest in Mike's house
Cold WaterSold by a civilian
NewtonHeld by Tobias Peste
Scott CityOn a bookshelf
Special encounter: MerchantTwo books for sale
Special encounter: Brothers GrimmCarried by Joe Grimm
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