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For an overview of this item's appearances, see Big Book of Science.


The Big Book of Science is a collection of writings on general science, written before the Great War.


Reading this book permanently improves the player's Science skill by 1 (by 2 with the Comprehension perk).


Closest map markerLocation description
Arlington Cemetery NorthIn Arlington House, on the kitchen table.
Arlington LibraryInside, upstairs from the lobby to the right, on a desk in an office with two sofas.
Bethesda ruinsIn Bethesda offices west, on the main desk on the ground floor, right next to the terminal. Be careful, there's a turret in there.
Broadcast tower KB5On the highway bridge between broadcast tower KB5 and SatCom Array NW-07c, as you approach from the east, the corpse of a scientist will be blown out of the back of a truck. The book will be on the body of the scientist, and is much more easily looted from any body parts that remain on the bridge, rather than what has fallen into the river below the bridge.
Broadcast tower LP8In the Signal Echo Foxtrot sealed cistern
Chryslus BuildingOn a shelf in the northwestern-most room of the basement
Corvega factoryIn a waste container to the south. You will need to jump in from the cliff above
Corvega factoryAt the Entrance, up the stairs and to your left. It's sitting on a desk
Fort BannisterIn an average locked room at the bottom of concrete stairs in Fort Bannister Main, you reach by going up the stairs from the southernmost entrance, with a Fat Man and a mini nuke
Fort ConstantineLaunch Control bunker from the CO quarters of Fort Constantine, on a desk in the northeast corner
GNR building plazaRec room with Three Dog, on the desk next to the radio with other goodies; must be stolen.
Greener Pastures Disposal SiteIn the back end of a truck in the southwest near a dead scientist
Hallowed Moors CemeteryIn the lectern
Jury Street Metro stationOn a desk in the drainage chamber accessed through a manhole north of where you get the Radio Signal Oscar Tango, which is directly south of Jury Street Metro station
L'Enfant PlazaSouth of the L'Enfant Plaza map marker and metro, and then a little to the east in a Pulowski Preservation shelter
Marigold stationIn Queen ant's hatchery, in the lair of the Marigold ant queen on a desk next to a terminal; may have been knocked on the ground next to the desk; check around there if it isn't on the desk.
MegatonAfter completing the RobCo Production Facility Mainframe portion of Chapter 3 of the Wasteland Survival Guide and its optional objective, Moira will give you a copy.
Nuka-Cola plantOn the second floor in the office area
Rivet CityIn Rivet City bow, in Pinkerton's lab on the lower-level desk; must be stolen.
RobCo facilityFactory floor, by the Protectron pod area to northeast, on the console
Sewer waystationIn the County sewer mainline, in a big three-floored room next to a computer terminal, behind a locked gate
ShalebridgeOn a dead ant researcher in the egg room. The researcher respawns every 73 hours.
Tenpenny TowerIn your suite in Tenpenny Tower, once you purchase the Science theme
Vault-Tec headquartersCorporate offices: it's sitting on a wall shelf hanging over open air on the second floor. It is possible to jump and attempt to grab it, but it is much easier to shoot it off with a pistol from the left side of the hole.
Warrington stationOn a desk in the room with the door to the Metro Access & Generator


  • In Mr. Brotch's classroom in Vault 101, an assignment has been given to the students in which they must read p. 927 of the book, which covers "combating airborne bacteria" and is due the following week.[1]
  • A special version of this book specific to the Wasteland Survival Guide quest exists in the game's code, but is unused. It is identical to the standard Big Book of Science and grants the same bonus when used. It is unclear why this specific version was created.
  • It is possible to obtain infinite copies of the book because the ant researcher in Shalebridge tunnels respawns every 73 hours. This resets his inventory and the book can be taken from him multiple times. It may be difficult to find him at times. The ant researcher is hostile to both the Lone Wanderer and the "friendly" ants, but usually will not fight, choosing instead to flee, sometimes glitching into areas of the cave where they cannot be pursued.[verified]
  • If the player intends to pick up all 25 skill books (and not use the above bug), they'll have to buy the Science theme for the Tenpenny Tower suite. Only 24 books are available if the theme is not chosen or if one gets the Megaton house.



  1. Chalkboard in Mr. Brotch's classroom in Vault 101