The Big Bend Tunnel campsite is an unmarked location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia. It is located north of Big Bend Tunnel West.


This campsite was a recreational area near the Big Bend Tunnel West exit. There are four campsite tents with a picnic table underneath a shelter, with a campfire and some fallen lumber in the northern end of the camp. Birdhouses can be found in some of the surrounding trees, with one of the trees covered in blight.

There are several containers here that can be looted, including a sack, a cooler, a wooden crate and a footlocker. There is a bugle on one of the tables, and a Blast Radius board game in the center. Slightly south of the camp is a dig site that can be dug for the Lucky Strike quest.


The Big Bend Tunnel campsite appears only in Fallout 76.

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