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Big Bend Tunnel West is a location which lies along the Red Line in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. It is the western entrance to the rest of the Big Bend Tunnel. It is the location of a compound inhabited by the Blue Ridge Caravan Company.


The Big Bend Tunnel cuts through the Savage Divide, from the Ash Heap to the Cranberry Bog. After the Great War many survivors took shelter in the tunnels. The area was raider held for a time, with them catching settlers as they attempted to use the tunnel. Big Bend Tunnel West was also the staging ground for the Fire Breathers' final mission.

In 2103, the Blue Ridge Caravan Company established an outpost in the location, as they used the tunnel to send merchant caravans from one side of Appalachia to the other, crossing under the Savage Divide.


A rail line runs west to east through the Blue Ridge camp, which is encompassed by a makeshift wall. The corpse of Sgt. Allemane can be found a short distance west of the compound's main gate, resting next to an overturned boxcar. On the south side of the gate is a watchtower containing a pair of binoculars. The location is inhabited by multiple Blue Ridge Caravan ranch hands who patrol the area.

Located along the perimeter wall is a raised area containing a tinker's workbench, with an armor workbench located further to the north. Beneath the platform containing the tinker's workbench is a room containing a bunk bed.

The primary feature of the compound is the two story Blue Ridge office. The office possesses two entrances, one on the ground floor on its western side, and a second on the second floor accessible via a bridge over the rail line. Between the office and the cliff face is an animal pen containing two brahmin. At the end of the rail line on the eastern edge of the camp is the west entrance of Big Bend Tunnel.

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Big Bend Tunnel West appears in Fallout 76.