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Big Bad Wolf was the code name given to a senior Bysshe Company operative who was dispatched to Appalachia before the Great War.


Big Bad Wolf was responsible for operation "Mary's Little Lamb," which involved Calvin van Lowe's development of a modified Assaultron unit.[1] He was not enthusiastic about the operation and its expected returns, expressing this to van Lowe's handler, a woman codenamed Bo-Peep, in a letter.[2]

After Bo-Peep missed a scheduled meeting, Wolf investigated and found that she was killed by van Lowe's modified Assaultron unit while waiting to meet him in Bastion Park.[3] After reporting this to Bysshe Headquarters,[4] he went to Van Lowe Taxidermy, intending to conduct a "removal."[4] While making his check-in, he killed two Lewisburg police officers.[5]

After discovering that the Assaultron unit had gone missing, he messaged Bysshe headquarters to request equipment that would aid in its retrieval. Given the urgency of the situation, he was unwilling to wait for back up and set up a capture site in the Ash Heap, planning to capture the robot.[6] Recognizing the inherent risk of attempting a solo capture, he left a spare Assaultron recall keycard and plans in the trunk of a car on the top floor of the Garrahan Estate.

Wolf failed in his attempt and used his last words to record instructions for destroying the Assaultron. His skeleton can be found inside of the cabin at Pylon ambush site.


Big Bad Wolf was once in contact with Allan Garrahan under the pseudonym of "Mr. Wolf" in order to get anti-robot tech.[7]


Big Bad Wolf's remains appear in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.