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Big Al's Tattoo Parlor is a location within the city of Morgantown in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Once a struggling tattoo parlor operated by "Big Al" or Alice Loveless, an award-winning tattoo artist, the shop was on the verge of closing up when the president of Vault-Tec University's Eta Psi Epsilon Tau fraternity/sorority, Judy Lowell, made the owner an offer.

In return for access to the cellar, a ten-year lease, and turning a blind eye, she provided Al with enough income to never work again. She immediately took off to Tahiti, leaving her team in charge of the shop, while Lowell turned the cellar into "The Nukashine." The location served as a speakeasy for VTU students, where alcohol was tested by Biv E. Ridge, a prototype robobrain obtained by fellow student Lewis.[1]


The tattoo parlor is inaccessible from the front and can only be entered from the back, through the break room. Connected to the employees' room is the main tattooing room, which contains a number of seats and automated tattooing machines, and like with most buildings, an American flag hanging on the wall. A small utility room and a bathroom can also be accessed from here. Closer inspection of the Nuka-Cola machine in the break room reveals the entrance to the Nukashine.

Notable loot[]

  • Potential magazine - In a magazine rack next to the front door.
  • Nukashine: What a trip! - Holotape, on a small wooden shelve near the entrance to the Nukashine bar.


Big Al's Tattoo Parlor appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.