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Help Hugo acquire the blueprints for the weather machine.

Between The Lines is a main quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update. It is one of two quests given after completion of The Calm Before, alongside Housekeeping for Hire.

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

Hugo asks for your help. The weather phenomenon outside is caused by a weather device, which is operated by Vault 63, but is out of control. To solve this, the device's blueprint is required, which is stored in a safe directly behind Hugo. However, opening the safe is no easy task, because the key was stored securely by his wife, Cassidy. Hugo suspects that his wife left a clue as to the key's location in a note in their room. Though Hugo can see electronic activity around him, he is still blind, and cannot read these notes himself, nor does he trust other vault members with the potentially private information in those notes.

Go upstairs and enter the Stolz's room. Find Cassidy's journal in the coffee table and read it. The clue is on the third page: Cassidy stores the key inside her necklace, which she always wears. As indicated on the fourth page, Cassidy herself can be found near the waterfall in the vault's garden.

Walk through Hugo's office, down the stairs, past the clinic, and directly across the larger atrium area into the garden. Enter the hidden cave behind the waterfall to reach the maintenance room, and inspect the fuse box next to the door on the right. Hit the fuse box to open the door, revealing an isolated hospice room with Cassidy lying motionless in bed. Search Cassidy; Hugo will interrupt you through aggressive verbal confrontation. After explaining your motives, Hugo calms down, giving you opportunity to ask questions. Hugo explains that Cassidy has become increasingly tired since the incident, requires privacy, and, if you exhaust all dialogue options, that repairing the weather machine will assist in Cassidy's recovery.

Return to Hugo's office, open the safe in the wall behind his desk, and fetch the weather machine blueprints, and optionally also the instructions for hitman and love letter. Then return to the garden to speak with Hugo. Since Hugo is blind, he tasks you with taking the blueprints to his daughter, Audrey, in the meteorology sector, though not before engaging in a brief philosophical discussion.

Exit the vault and head towards the Hawksbill weather station. Once there, enter the meteorology sector. Head down the stairs and take a right, through the laser grid. Walk all the way to the end of the hallway, and take a right at the T-split, into Audrey's laboratory. Hand the blueprints to Audrey, completing the quest, leading to Seeking Shelter.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Talk to HugoHugo recommended I go talk to him when I'm ready.
? Search for Cassidy near the waterfallLooks like someone was snooping around for these blueprints, so Cassidy decided to lock them away and keep the key close to her. She probably still has it... I should go find where they're keeping her. Maybe there's a clue in her notes?
? Retrieve key for Hugo's wall safeThe notes led me to the Garden area, where I found Cassidy hidden away in a secret room behind the waterfall. It appears that she's in a coma? I wonder if she still has the key on her?
? Retrieve the Weather Machine blueprintsI got Hugo's Safe Key! Hugo ran in on me retrieving it from his wife's comatose body and didn't seem very happy about me being there. He asked me to give him a moment with his wife and to come find him once I have acquired the blueprints from his office.
? Report back to HugoI got the Weather Machine blueprints from Hugo's wall safe. I should go deliver them to him. I wonder if he's still with Cassidy?
? Go to the Vault 63 Meteorology SectorHugo pointed out that he can't read the blueprints himself and that I should take them to his daughter, Audrey, in the Meteorology Sector instead. Apparently she's leading the effort to repair the weather machine there and will be glad for my help.
? Find Audrey and deliver the blueprintsWhatever happened to Vault 63 has had a serious impact on the Meteorology Sector; there's rubble and debris all over the place! I should try and find Audrey in this mess and deliver the blueprints for Hugo.