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Better Living Underground is a quest and achievement in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.

Quick walkthrough

Vault-Tec Workshop quest: Better Living Underground
Lift the security lockdown.
Find the Vault-Tec control board.
Repair the Vault-Tec Workshop.
Clear the rubble.
Talk with the Vault survivor.
Reward: 300 XP
Vault 88 as a settlement
Leads to: A Model Citizen

Detailed walkthrough

Upon entering the vault using the Pip-Boy's connection interface with the vault door, a voice will talk to the Sole Survivor via a broadcast system. To enter the main part of the vault, one must shut down the security lockdown and then access the workshop. A number of feral ghouls populate the area.

To the right of the vault door is the security office, containing the unlocked terminal needed to lift the lockdown.

Once the lockdown is lifted, the alarms will shut off and the workshop can be used once its control board is put in place. To the left of the vault door is a computer room containing Andersen, who is in possession of the Vault-Tec control board needed to unlock the workshop.

Once the workshop is restored, one must use it to clear the debris piled up in the stairwell, where the player character will be greeted by Valery Barstow, the proposed overseer of the vault.

The achievement is unlocked once the following is completed: The three remaining workshop areas are cleared of enemies, the three control boards are located within the respective areas and each of the three workshops are then activated.

It is best to locate one board and activate the appropriate workshop one at a time to avoid confusion and/or getting lost in the caverns.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Lift the security lockdownSomeone trapped inside Vault 88 needs help. She's asked me to lift the security lockdown so I can get inside the reactor area where I should find a control board.
200 Find the Control BoardSomeone trapped inside Vault 88 needs help. I need to find a control board that should allow me to rescue her.
300 Repair the Vault-Tec WorkshopSomeone trapped inside Vault 88 needs help. With the control board I should be able to get the Workshop operational.
400 Clear the rubbleSomeone trapped inside Vault 88 needs help. I got the Workshop operational and now should clear rubble until I can rescue the stranger.
500 Talk with the Vault survivorWith the rubble in Vault 88 clear, I can finally meet who's been talking to me.
600Quest finishedQuest Completed
9000Quest failedQuest Failed